AKB48 Members’ arrival and departure at Soekarno Hatta Airport – My experience

These Series of photos are taken by http://www.flickr.com/photos/txdvil/

Thank you very much for taking these photos. all credit goes to Mr.txdvil. thankyou very much /flyingdogeza

these are the series of photos taken by Mr.txdvil which were the continuous images of me and Aamin yesterday.


i start calling her, that’s my hand on the left

she noticed and she said “for me?” “yeeeeeessss” i nodded
she came and took my present~
bai baaaaai
epic win

This was my first time seeing member in airport, and was also my first time to give members present directly.

pretty much stunned me yesterday, can’t sleep afterwards.



after 2 weeks, i decided to upload some of photos that i took on the day.

My present for Aamin~

The Video i took on member’s departure on Sunday 26 Feb 2012.

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