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Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

It’s been forever since the last time I updated my blog, Merry Christmas and Happy new year everyone! lol, 2012 was full of happiness for me, many things happened, especially in the end of the year. So lets hope 2013 will be full of Happiness also. lol

I spent last year’s Christmas at Mad for garlic~

nice place for couple, good food.


and i got the most romantic Christmas present I’ve ever received


Thank you dear~

oh yeah, did i mention that i do a little bet when i was at ippoi ?

i promised to buy this for my girlfriend


yukirin first live bluray box. lol… i haven’t opened it yet, will watch it later with her lol.

ah yes, i also ordered 1/149 for vita, and it just got delivered today. and… guess what i got for 3 random photos?


YUKIRIN!! lol, i’m going to give this yukirin photo to my girlfriend as well, yes, she’s yukirin oshi.

ah before this, i bought UZA theater edition and got 2 yukirin photos as well, how lucky.

this is the first time i actually play AKB48 game.


The game itself is basically a repetition of date invitations, all the girls are crazy about you, and you just choose one of them, and reject the others. pretty convenience? well, real world doesn’t seem to be so easy lol.

this game is definitely interesting for fans, too bad they don’t allow screenshot in the game.

if you’re fans.. and by any chance, single, with this game, you might feel not alone anymore.. lol

for fans who have a girlfriend? just take it as a reference..

for gamer who are not a fans? don’t buy. lol

1 year after . The East Japan Earthquake

Today, March 11th 2012. 1 year has passed since the great earthquake that shook Japan which pretty much devastated most of the coastal cities on the east region of Japan.

so today, in Plaza Senayan Jakarta, Mitsubishi corporation held a photo exhibition to commemorate this unfortunate disaster.

1 year after

in the exhibition, there are lots of heartbreaking images,

a photo of a board in Japan where victims put posts to search for their missing friends and families.

and within those heartbreaking images, there are some which portrays hope.

a girl who found her book inside the ruins. a happiness within despair

people who come can leave a message on these cards provided by the staff, and hang them on the sakura tree.

when i was there, there are lots of messages , most of them from Indonesian, some wrote in English, some in Indonesian, some leave a drawing, some even wrote them in Japanese, and some of them are from Japanese who live in Indonesia.

it was very nice to see how people support each other, how some messages can become a strength for others.

so i took an opportunity to write one. my handwriting was terrible… but i want to write it.

On the same day at 14.30 Japan Standard Time.

AKB48 held a special Concert to commemorate the day.

The concert was broadcasted worldwide Live via Youtube

At the beginning of the concert,

All members of AKB48 appear on their theater at Akihabara, SKE48 at Nagoya, NMB48 at Osaka, HKT48 at Hakata, and SDN48 who at the time was holding a handshake event, all of them at the same time, asked the audience to stand up, and take a moment of silence for the victims of last year disaster.

i was standing in my room also. i think pretty much everyone who watch this concert online did the same.

after that, all of AKB48,SKE48,NMB48,HKT48,SDN48 simultaneously sang dareka no tame ni.

it was the best dareka no tame ni i’ve ever heard.

many members cried during the concert, as well as the audience i think.

The photo above shows how they broadcast the concert live from 4 theaters simultaneously.

it was an awesome concert. ended by All the members singing Sakura no hanabiratachi.

1 year ago when the disaster happened, i wasn’t an AKB48 fans, but i did what i could, charity and such.

at the time of earthquake, i was constantly chatting with a girl i knew from nico nico douga via twitter, she live near tokyo at that time and was alone at her house. she said that she couldn’t contact her mom who stuck in a traffic jam.

i was worried about her and had a conversation with her for the whole day.

i have seen what AKB48 did for the victim, and i’m glad i’m an AKB48 fans.

Have you done something that you can do for someone?

AKB48 Members’ arrival and departure at Soekarno Hatta Airport – My experience

These Series of photos are taken by

Thank you very much for taking these photos. all credit goes to Mr.txdvil. thankyou very much /flyingdogeza

these are the series of photos taken by Mr.txdvil which were the continuous images of me and Aamin yesterday.


i start calling her, that’s my hand on the left

she noticed and she said “for me?” “yeeeeeessss” i nodded
she came and took my present~
bai baaaaai
epic win

This was my first time seeing member in airport, and was also my first time to give members present directly.

pretty much stunned me yesterday, can’t sleep afterwards.



after 2 weeks, i decided to upload some of photos that i took on the day.

My present for Aamin~

The Video i took on member’s departure on Sunday 26 Feb 2012.

AFA11+AKB48 experience field report

I was taking a long weekend holiday to go to Singapore for Anime Festival Asia 2011. Like usual, it took place at Suntec, Singapore, a stupidly BIG event with lots of performances, here’s my AFA11 experience.
Saturday, 12thNov2011

My first day in AFA, woke up late at the hostel, me and my friend rushed up to the event site.
Once we got there, I immediately went to the AKBshop booth to buy a limited Singapore september photoset. And since the team B photo was finished already, I bought 1 set of team 4 and 1 set of team K which got traded among wotas there, I don’t even remember what were my original sets. Lol

At 12.15, we got AKB café girls perform for us at the mini stage. Not so many people were on the site that time. The first song was “kanojo ni naremasuka”. All the wotas there including me tried to mix, but in the end it wasn’t really loud. The second song was “river” this time, we got louder, lots of non-akb fans were attracted by the noise we made and stopped by. The first performance ended with only 2 songs.

After the akb café girls’ performance ended, we went to the main stage for the “chiwa saitou live dubbing” session, it was full of awesomeness.

One more AKB café girls’ performance took place at 4.30. This time was “Oogoe Diamond” and “Pareo wa emerald”. The other remaining wota joined forces with us and this time we got really really loud, the mix was so loud that people could hear it from the main stage at the next hall. CHISAKI was REALLY cute!!!! :3
My first day at AFA was good, the café girls were awesome, and we went home with smile.

Sunday, 13thNov2011
Finally the D-day, on Saturday, we bought stuffs and got 2 handshake tickets with AKB48 Tanabe Miku and Nakaya Sayaka.

We woke up at 7, get ourselves ready and immediately went to AFA11 the second day.
Once we get there, many akb wotas were already there to get the final sale of the September photosets, and once the gate was opened, we ran to the AKB shop and get ourselves a team B photoset for me and team A for @monyet_merah.
After a few trades, we walked through the site for a random photoshoot. I myself managed to have a 2 shot with Mr.Danny Choo~

At 12.45, there was another round of AKB café girls’ performance, this time, it was 4 songs in a row: “kanojo ni naremasuka”,”river”,”oogoe diamond” and “pareo wa emerald”.

The crowds were massive and we screamed our mix so loud, the person watching regional cosplay championship were able to hear us. Sorry about that lol.

After this performance, we walked around again for random photo shoot, and suddenly, we met SEA A who were in the middle of private photo shoot session , @monyet_merah grabbed the present he prepared for Valerie, I can’t help being stunned by these ex-moe moe kyun members, omg Estelle, you’re pretty!!!

After we got our consciousness back, we ran to the AKBshop to get the first handshake session with Tanamin and Nakayan.
There was no security guy so there was nobody pushing us. These are my conversation:
Tanamin       : hii~ arigatou gozaimasu
Me                   : hii~ sakki, watashitachi no koe ga kikoemashita ka?
Tanamin       : aah!! Kikoemasu kikoemasu!!
(move to nakayan)
Nakayan       :hiiii~
Me                   :ee, kinou no shifuku wo mita yo, megane, niattemasuyo~!
Nakayan        :aaa!! Hontou desuka? Arigatou~ *smile* *omg, she’s so cute!omgomgomg!*

After the handshake, we ran to the Moe Moe Kyun café, at this time, the SeaA girls were serving as maids at the café,
At the front door, we were greeted, “irasshaimase, goshujin-sama!”
After ordering 2 slices of cakes which cost like 20 bucks each (expensive!!!!) we sat in the café,
Valerie came and have a really reaaaaaaallly sweet conversation with us, she was happy with the present @monyet_merah brought for her. Estelle, Wynnie and Beryl also meet us, we have a little chit chat, I’m happy Estelle actually remember me.
Before eating, they powered up our food with magic spell
“miyu! Saru! Mika! Indra! No pawaa! Pipipipiii!! Oishiku narimashitaaaaa!”
Then it was really became sooooo delicious.

Estelle and Beryl came to offer us some mmk Badges, we couldn’t refuse a request from a cute girl. So we bought, Estelle looks so happy when I chose her badges, and somehow I feel sorry for Beryl for not taking her badges…….
Unfortunately, we can’t take photos anymore with the SeaA maids, since their manager forbid that, so we say farewell to our lovely maids, Jasmine said goodbye to us, and she was so freaking cute. (Have I said that they’re all cute? lol)

After this, we went to the AKBshop again to do the second handshake session, this time it was like:
Me               : tanamiiin, 2 kai me desuyooo
Tanamin   : *she didn’t really catch what I said, and then she looked at my moe moe kyun badge at my chest* kore wa???
Me               : ah! Kore wa moe moe kyun café badge desu~ mou ikimashita ka?
Tanamin    : iie, mada desuyo
Me               :kore kara itte kudasai, sugoku ii yo!
Tanamin   : ah haai!
*move to Nakayan*
Nakayan   :haaai~ arigato gozaimasu
Me               :arigatooo, kore kara, mata sono chiisai stage ni *pointing to the small stage*ikimasunode, zehi kiite kudasai, watashitachi no koe wo
Nakayan   :Hai!

Somehow the first handshake session felt more awesome.
After the 2nd handshake, we ran to the mini stage again to watch the last performance by akb café girls.
It is the same 4 songs like the previous performance, and since it was the last performance, we decided to go all out.

The crowds were bigger than before, many of them were not akb fans. I think it is really a good marketing strategy to introduce akb to the crowds using the fans mix and the girls’ cuteness. Lol.
Well, amongst the akb café girls, I’m definitely Chisaki oshi.

After that awesome last performance, we walked around for a little,

then went home with a big smile. We close the day with a bowl of Bak kut teh. Lol.

It was an awesome event, great merchandises, two thumbs up for the AKB café girls, love Tanamin and Nakayan.

We spent a lot, and get lots of happiness.
Moral of the story? Use your money wisely, use it to buy happiness

same post at AIF48:


Meet & Greet with Takahashi Minami

Meet and Greet with the Captain of AKB48, Team A Captain Takahashi Minami in Jakarta was held at Plaza Senayan today.

I was one of the 200 lucky participants who get the chance to shake the hand of the Captain of AKB48.

as some non-AKBfans might read this too, i will let you know that AKB48 is currently the greatest Girl group in Japan. And its Team A Captain, Takahashi Minami san, came to our country and actually shook our hands. How lucky we are!

The view from where i was standing

The event venue was crowded with people…which is nice!

full of people watching

after a while, at around 4PM, the Captain arrives, greeted by the crowds screaming “MINAMI!”

me myself was amazed that i can actually see Takamina this close, a thing that maybe i have to wait for a long time if there wasn’t for this event.

and this person, Takahashi Minami-sama is WAY WAY more beautiful, more awesome, more cool than when we saw her on TV.

now i know why she is the Captain of AKB48. Her aura, her presence is different, she is gorgeous, but still so humble and down to earth.

Takamina is one of the AKB member i most admire, mostly because that she can be what she is now at this young age, really an awesome girl.

after a few questions and quizzes which prizes were takamina signed Flying get album (damn, i want that!), we arrived at the main event:


we queued up to get our turn, we only get less than 5 seconds on each handshake.

with lots of DOKIDOKI i gave my fanletter to the staff and shake Takahashi Minami’s hand

me: hajimemashite~^^

takamina: aaa! hajimemashite~

me: mata kite kudasai ne^^ (the bodyguard already pushed me away)

takamina : hai! mata kimasu^^

and then, my precious 5 seconds is finished, it left a BIG smile on my face which last until now.

i hope that in the future, more AKB48 members will come to Indonesia.

Takahashi Minami
Takahashi Minami
Takahashi Minami
Takahashi Minami

and the fan letter i gave her:

sorry for the bad Japanese XD

「努力は必ず報われると、私はこの人生をもって証明します!!」 - 高橋みなみ