Arts have been part of my life since a long time ago. I love various kinds of arts, martial arts, fine arts, and of course Digital arts. I’m studying in that field and doing arts for living.

here I would like to showcase some of my works, some of them i did as works, and some of them i did as my Hobby


One of my first experience as an animator was as a Flash animator for a TV animation series called “XOL”. XOL, which is the abbreviation of EXOLITE was a Project from UK which was produced in Indonesia.

As the member of the first team who works on XOL, this project contributed a lot to my animation skill. It was a good experience with tears and agony back in the day, no pain no gain~


Field of expertise: Flash animation (2D)

Software: Adobe Flash




Most of the works I put on this Illustration section are done for hobby. Some of them are fanarts, and some of them are original designs.

Field of expertise: Illustration

Software: Adobe Photoshop , SAI , Adobe Illustrator


below are some screenshots of the games i have been working on:

Field of expertise: Game Design

Software: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Video Showreel

Below is my show reel. Please feel free to watch it. :))

Field of expertise: Video Compositing

Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effect


Photography for me is an art of capturing a precious moment, to freeze the time at the exact moment we release the shutter.

I started learning photography in my university with an old Nikon film camera, but then as i started to work, i invest some of my money for a DSLR, and i found it is quite fun!

Inspired by Kai Wong, an eccentric street photographer from Hong Kong, I tried to learn to be able to capture every precious moment in my life.

Field of expertise: Photography

Software: Adobe Photoshop,  Adobe Lightroom


If you are interested in my works or have any questions about this blog, please drop me a message at 

Meanwhile, Please enjoy this blog and this gallery of mine




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