About me


My name is Indra Pratomonugroho, a man from Jakarta Indonesia whom under the screen name of Hikaru Mutsu wanders around in the Internet on daily basis.

I am a UI Designer, Graphic Designer, and Martial arts enthusiast.

throughout my life, i have been in many places, talked to many people, saw and learned different things. I’ve been in love with Japan and Japanese pop-culture since i was in middle school, learned Japanese more than my English at those times, been watching lots and lots of anime which eventually led me to learn Design and Animation.

I’ve been working as a 2D animator, Game designer, Graphic designer, a waiter part timer and even a supermarket staff part timer.

Picculture is the place where i share my thoughts, my works, my hobbies, and my feelings to the world.

Feel free to look around inside Picculture and find out about my life. You might find yourself interested in this amazing world I’m in.

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Welcome to Picculture.com

One thought on “About me”

  1. Yo! Hajimemashite!

    Found this page through Mr. Google..i actually searching for Ami Maeda coz i’m stunned with her beauty when i saw her on J-Pop Fest…Oh, and i’ll follow your twitter right away, Yoroshiku Onegaisimasu!

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a place where i share my life to the world

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