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Japan – My experience

It’s been a while since i updated this blog, the thing is, i was kinda occupied by other things and simply didn’t have any idea to write a new post, but then i think i will try to share some of my experience in Japan in this post.

as you can see in my previous post, it’s full of photos.. in Japan, yes, exactly 1 month 4 days ago i came back to Indonesia after a 13 days trip to Japan. That was my second trip to Japan since 2003, so it had been 10 years since my first visit to Japan. so many have changed, some remained the same, here’s my experience in Japan:



I arrived in Osaka, but then went to Tokyo by bus on that day, it was a tiring day lol, the bus wasn’t the nicest bus you’ll ever try for sure, meh, even a night bus to singapore from malaysia was better in my opinion. lol

In Tokyo, I stayed at Khaosan Original . My room was small, but the best thing about khaosan is its location, It’s 5 minutes walk to Kaminari mon and asakusa station, makes the place very convenient for tourist. There are many restaurants around there as well, you can choose from udon, ramen, chinese food, or maybe Burger king if you really want to. lol. (ah yes, may i remind you that a bucket of KFC here costs you around 5000 yen, i kid you not). Actually i found a really nice chinese food restaurant near Khaosan, unfortunately i forgot its name, but you can eat nice gyoza and japanese style fried rice there, and also the dry ramen was quite good.



Akihabara, land of anime, manga, idol, and JAV. Yes, the holyland for Otaku, has everything you have dreamed of. From new released games to gunpla to JAV dvd, from 2nd hand AKB48 CD to 2nd hand pantsu .

Ah yes, it is also the place of the AKB48 theater, here it is:



The donquixote which AKB fans called as their holy place is actually a laaaaarge department store that sells anything ranging from funny clothes to sex toys. you can find many fun stuffs here.

okay, basically in akihabara, this is my place-to-visit recommendation:

1. Mandarake – a multi stories building full of toys and manga

2. AKB48 theater/cafe – even if you’re not a fan, it’s worth a visit, just to see the birthplace of the largest idol group in the world.

3. @Home cafe – 7 maid cafes in a building, nice food and service, expensive, but you are in Japan, man, visit a maid cafe!

4. Gundam cafe – the only place you can get Char’s business card.

5. AVstore – if you’re a healthy man, visit and see with your own eyes the things you have downloaded for all this time in its real form.

There are plenty of good food around akihabara as well, The Omusubi store near station sells really nice Omusubi, and Coco curry house offers you delicious curry.



Shibuya is a crowded place, it is fun to see the legendary crossroads which often shown on Dramas. and that famous 109? it’s a small shopping store with so many brands sold there.

girls will definitely find it amusing. lol.

just to make you hungry:

hamburg at fujiya




When you’re in Harajuku, you have to go to takeshita street. it’s a long street full of small shops, and schoolgirls (and boys)


and here you can also find a tamadepa


it’s a tamagotchi store! unfortunately they don’t sell english version of tamagotchi here.

Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea


My second visit in 10 years.

it was crowded! i think the most crowded place i ever see, here you can queue for 3 hours or more for an attraction. but it’s worth the wait.

it is also the place to burn you money if you’re a disney fans.

here are some photos which may motivate you to go there:




the legendary castle:




i went back to Osaka

from Tokyo disneyland by bus, Once i arrived in Osaka, i went straight to my hostel there which is Osaka Hana hostel.

It’s the best budget hotel i ever stayed in so far, you got nice bed, large bedroom, homey living room, Washing machines, dryer, and automatic toilet. lol

Osaka in my opinion is a better place than Tokyo, it feels like home.

when you’re in Osaka, make sure you visit Dotonbori street, shinsaibashi and sennichimae.

Dotonbori is kinda a red light district of osaka, lot’s of girls will talk to you to offer a drink in their bar.

I didn’t dare to try any of the offer, but i think it will be expensive. lol.

the most effective way to politely refuse their offer is to.. well.. talk in English, just a simple “sorry” will make them uninterested in you anymore.

Sennichimae in the other hand is a long long road where the NMB48 theater stands.


Japan is a nice place to Visit. it’s expensive, but you can get so many experiences by visiting this land.

you won’t get lost here, just make sure you have google map with you. if you can speak Japanese, it will be easy to roam this land without getting lost.

oh yes, at Osaka hana hostel, they held a party every tuesday, so it is a good chance to get more friends from various country.


Last word for me, please bring extra money more than your first budget calculation, because you will need extra money.

Happy travelling!