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Turn A and Exia Gundam

Last night, I decided to take some photograph of my Gundam model kit. For those who never play gunpla before, gunpla is like do-it-yourself-robo-barbie for men. Gunpla is a good decoration for your room.

I experimented with a black paper used as background and 2 flash lights.

the first gundam I shot is my Turn A gundam. Turn A gundam is a gundam from correct century, piloted by Loran Cehack, a white haired young bishonen who accidentally found his gundam on his coming of age ceremony.


this is my first time taking photo of my Gundam, pardon some mistakes here and there.

then I added extra lighting.

That mustache!!


The second gundam I use is my exia gundam. exia gundam is piloted by Setsuna F seiei, the always annoyed looking gundam pilot from middle east, who was delusional enough to say that he is a gundam.


I want to do more gunpla photoshoot later on. Please check it out in my page here

Mangrove photoshoot with Franzeska Edelyn and Meibii photography

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to join a photoshoot with meibii photography and Franzeska Edelyn. The photoshoot took place in a mangrove reservation park, and although I’m not a professional photographer, I brought my camera and just shoot away. lol

here are some of the results :))







Okay, let me put some of these photos  into a delusional conversation:

"oniichan, tabeyou~"
“oniichan, nomou~””nani ga hoshii?”

"atashii, cider wo nomitainaa~"
“atashii, cider wo nomitainaa~””eeh? omae mada miseinen dayo! osake wa dame!”

“eeeh?! nomitaiiii~~~ nomitaiiiiii~”

“…….ha.. hai…”

"aaah, oishikatta!"
“aaah, oishikatta!”