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Waku waku Japan music festival – my experience

Hi! It’s been a while since the last time I posted here. Lately there are so many Japan pop culture event in Jakarta, and whenever something goes from quality to quantity, its not enjoyable for me.

Now, waku waku Japan is a cable TV program that shows 24 hours of finger lickin’ good Japanese TV shows. From Ultraman to Kamen rider to oshin to Anime, you name it. And they was just launched in Indonesia by bringing us Flumpool!

Visit Waku waku japan website here


and not only flumpool, We got JKT48, Afghan, and BCL!


to be honest, I never been to BCL and Afgan concert before so I was a bit lazy on the first time, but it turned out that they are amazing.

unnamed (3)

The first to sing was JKT48 with… i forgot what the song was, then afgan, he got this white mic which is cool, and his voice was really crisp, the vvotas were shouting “chouzetsu kawaii, afgan” i don’t know if afgan knew what that means. lol.. then BCL came and sang a song called “jangan gila” which I heard a lot on radio but i didn’t know who the singer was. lol.

unnamed (2)

Then the last one to came out was flumpool. damn, i never been to flumpool concert, but the moment they sang, it was totally cool. the lead singer instantly stole the heart of every women in the hall… well maybe some men too..


unnamed (1)

my only comment is, the room was freezing! I went out of the room several times just to return my body temperature to normal again. lol.

Oh yeah, i got my ticket for free from B blog, if you want free tickets on the next project, check out:





Dunia Delusi launching event

I went to an event called “Dunia Delusi (World of Delusion) launching event. This dunia delusi is a book title wrote by a group of JKT48 fans who called themselves “Genderuwota” , Genderuwo is a ghost name from Indonesia.


I had a peek of the book, and the book contains of many short stories full of wild imagination of wota, you know, those stories that come in your head when you’re imagining perverted things something

The launching event is filled by some talents like switch, and ai48, the place was quite cozy and comfortable, we can see some familiar  faces around, like my friend here who is a regular visitor of jkt theater.


Switch and Japanese station navigators are the MC’s of this event

look at that handsome dude over there, he is one of the JS navigator and also the main MC of the event.


and also Neza and Edelyn from Switch


They also did a little performance with the guest star as a bonus


They also do some quizzes for the audiences, like this wotagei and dance competition


And then there is ai48 which is a cover dance group. look at the audience’s expression when ai48 performed


some were keeping their cool:


found an interesting fanmade shirt, i don’t quite understand what it means though, lol:


fap??? fap?? the japanese there looks like “super fap kita zo!” lol nvm

these are the other snapshot during the day:



There are more, but I think I’ll keep them as private collections 🙂

JKT48 Guide Book signing event

I just woke up from a really extraordinary day i’ve been through yesterday lol.

first of all it’s the signing event of JKT48 guide book! I arrived at Fx at 9.30 in the morning, and rushed to the event venue at 3rd floor of fx to take my signing tickets, i had 3 tickets, one for rena, 1 for Diasta which is my friend’s request, and another one for Sonia, which is for another friend of mine.

Unfortunately the Sonia ticket was missing and the official signed my coupon so that i can still get sonia’s sign.

first, RENA’s lane!!!!!


the members appeared, it was the moment before the staff told us not to take any photo.

the queue went fast and it was my turn, finally, we got around 20-30 seconds each people..which is a lot of time,

lol, after the event i didn’t know what to do and should stay to wait for my friend in the afternoon so i did something i rarely did before…

went to starbucks….

ordered a medium cappuccino

and spent some quality time at starbucks like a boss..


lol, surprisingly, i found it was quite enjoyable just sitting there waiting for friends while reading a book. lol.

then around 3 PM my friend, Momo came, then me, her and henry walked round Fx waiting for Kyorin who arrived at 4 PM.

at around 5 we went to the venue once again, me in Diasta Lane and Momo in Sonia’s Lane

I said to Diasta that the book was for my friend who was unable to come to the venue and Diasta immediately recognized who my friend is (wow!) and she said “Salam yah buat A***” twice. lol damn lucky guy.

then we went for dinner where my 2 female friends here added 2 extra signatures on my book with some motivational words..


Thank you very much m(__ __)m

then all the madness began, some other friends came then we went to karaoke~



ahahahahahah! lol, she actually went down to the first floor like that.

lol, at the karaoke, i realized that my voice is only suited for chanting and mixing..

LOL.. the others are very very good singer.

went karaoke until 00.30 in the morning, went for supper and we said goodbye to each other and went home at 2 AM.

Otsukaresama deshita, a very interesting day for me.

Jak-Japan Matsuri – The Closing

Yesterday was the closing event of Jak-Japan Matsuri at Monas, this was my second time coming to the event.


as usual there were omikoshi, kakigouri, cosplayers, and Japanese lolis


something we never see outside the event:


there were some cosplayers at the event, and at honda booth, they hired some cute cosplayers to promote their bikes… 🙂



even the MC looks like duke nukem without any make up 🙂


if you ignore the heat, it’s actually nice to walk around at monas taking photos of cosplayers



and some lolis…



some of the games you can play there:ImageImage



so night came, and when i was running around shooting this loli…


JKT48 performed that night, so the place was crowded with JKT48 fans,


look at those words :))


was that supposed to be somekind of… road mark? err.. camp? lol


these shot was taken far from the stage and before the show, so it wasn’t really crowded there, but from what i’ve heard from my friends at the front, the seating in front of the stage was totally crowded.

i think i heard the staff said something like “please remain sitting and stay in order or the performance will be cancelled”

so until the show started i just looked around, taking photos


some people did some sparring with wooden sword. i pretty much enjoyed watching the sparring


so the show started, and i was watching from behind the shop with my friends…

started with ponytail to shushu, heavy rotation, aitakatta, then the “youngboys” went out (oh the show was called Young boys feat. JKT48 btw)

and these young boys were really great, the group consist of 3 young boys, playing instruments, but there were around 10 or more music instruments on the stage, and they running around play the instruments in harmony. lol, they’re good.

then the last time, JKT48 appeared again in YUKATA!! YUKATA!!! and they sang
Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara remixed by young boys. i can say this performance is the best performed by JKT48 so far.

actually it will be better if the song was “Boku no uchiage hanabi”, because we were having some hanabi show after that….

so, the situation at the back was under control during the show, and the front seating was crowded with fans, but i think the event went out smoothly, eventhough during the day there were so many “found and lost” announcements. wallets, mobile phones, even lost kids…

well, it was fun yesterday.

Jak-Japan Matsuri – The Opening

Today is the opening day of Jak-Japan Matsuri, an annual event by Japan Foundation in Indonesia to tighten the two nation’s relationship by exchanging and showcase culture from each country.

so after I arrived at the event site, i asked the security guy and he told me that the event is on the 4th floor. so i got on the elevator right away only to see packs of JKT48 zombies in front of the elevator on the fourth floor.

yes, the event is very crowded, full of JKT48 fans.


So me and some of my friends went to the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony performance to try the original Japanese green tea… or maybe we want to try only because some pretty neechan were serving the tea to the audiences.


yes, that short haired neechan

so while they explain about how to drink the tea, they served dorayaki to the audience


now I know how it feels to be Doraemon :))


so that pretty neechan served me and my friends, the tea actually was pretty good, it didn’t taste too bitter, it didn’t feel “heavy” when you drink it. it feels light and refreshing.

moreover because it was made by:


after that, we went inside to see the Sushi battle, which is a sushi making competition, and the fish was provided by the jury who was cutting a super ultra large TUNA… that was the first time i see people cutting up a fish that big.



look at those meat chunks…


so the show continued and another beautiful neechan performed “hana wo saku” with her shamisen. And in this song CM video where many people sings parts of the song, AKB48 member, Nakayan (and another member who i missed to recognize) appears as one of the volunteer who sang the song.


after that was the performance of JKT48. let me tell you, all the heads you see in the photo above were all JKT48 fans. well, mixed with some innocent Japanese who was obviously shocked to see what happened in front of their eyes, which i described as “some barbaric forever alone war cry” lol, kidding, it was the mix and chant that was so loud, so noisy and so out-of the place.

it was very disturbing that some of the Japanese standing next to me said that all of the fans were very “kimochi warui” or gross. lol, yes, and it was escalated quickly after they saw some people at the back do wotagei, in the middle of a ballroom of a famous hotel in Jakarta… shit dude


so it was so chaotic and embarrassing until the Japanese next to me said something like

“kore wa kimoi na” “nandayo kono otaku ppoi na ugoki wa”

well, me and my cosplayer friend next to me in front of the TV monitor just acted as non-wota as possible :))

after the performance ended, i headed out and found that the sashimi was discounted at half price.


not bad~ :))

well, let’s see how the closing event at Monas next week will be,

bonus shot: some JK are checking in to the hotel.