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Ippoi cafe@Secret garden – My experience


On 16th February 2013, Ippoi cafe held an event at Secret garden restaurant at Emporium Pluit, Jakarta. This is their first joined event with a restaurant, and I visited them with my friend on that day and this is my review:

I went in twice (one is certainly not enough):

1st entry at 1 Pm

I came early, at 12 o’clock i arrived at the location and found out they were still preparing the front desk where they sold some merchandises, after they finished, i bought some merchandises which cost me 50k Rupiah, 5 photos, 4 trading cards, and 2 pins. after a while, my friend, Dark Flame Master, came and we went to the front desk to register our voucher number where we got from pre-booking our table under the name of “Indra Pedo-sama”

we chose Suzaku Fire with ice tea, the suzaku fire looked like this (google image):


After our meal is ready, we went in and went through a gate covered with transparent white curtain.

The maid who served us was Risa


She introduced herself, which we already know since we are friends and was served by her too the last time we went in the last event. The Suzaku fire was delicious! when we was eating, the other maids came to our table  and had a chat with us, they were Yuki and Chisa. We already knew each other and get along well. Yuki, Chisa and Risa signed the photos I bought and we played a game with the trading card.

Our session was closed by taking a photo with the maid who served us, which was Risa, Yuki took the photo for me.

with this, my ippoi stamp card was completed, I hand over my stamp card and filled my address, then the manager san took my stamp card to be exchanged for an Ippoi membership card. and i heard that i was the first person who completed the stamps lol.

2nd entry at 4 PM

My 2nd entry was at 4 PM, again with my friend, the Dark flame master. this time i ordered tuna pizza (you know a pizza, i don’t need to put a picture of a pizza here lol)

again, we were going through the gate with the transparent white curtain, and i can see everyone giggled behind the curtain 😦

aileen arsha edel risa

we were served by Rin this time, this is the first time we were served by Rin, so she introduced herself, after a while our pizza came, and suddenly Chisa, Yuki and Risa who were around came and helped Rin decorating our pizza, Yuki drew a pedobear and wrote “pedo” on my plate.  my plate was full of chili sauce and Chisa told me to finish it all.. ror

this time we were literally served by 4 maids, it was fun, everybody was so friendly. after a while the table next to us was occupied with 2 ladies and Chisa served them, so she left us.

after we finished our meal, we played a game one more time, and took a cosmaid photo.


Yay! it was a fun experience, and here is my swag from Ippoi:


Overall, it was better than the previous event at HOT event. the meal was better, the venue also was better because it was in a restaurant so everything was comfortable.

HOT event – Day 1 and Day 2

After a long absence of updates, today i can finally update my blog. lol. i went to an event called HOT event, which is a doujin event in Jakarta.


which is to be honest, a small event. here, people can sell their doujin works and see buy some japanese-related goods.



even something like this


nah, it wasn’t sold. lol. anyway once you go in from the entrance, you will notice this:


ippoi, it’s a brand new cosplay cafe, this HOT event is its first debut, and their first theme is vocaloid~

i’ve made a reservation on 12.30 and 2.30 (yes, 2 times orz) together with my friend, so while waiting we’re looking around and took a peekImage

lol, the main reason reason i came to this event is this maid cafe. i always love maid cafe, and i know some of the maids here.

so me and my friend went inside, the one who served us was Saeko, a tall, black short haired maid with red eyes.

i ordered omurice and choose tomato sauce as toppings when Saeko was decorating my friend’s omurice, Yuki came and offered her help to decorate my omurice.

She asked what i want her to write and i said “anything you like” and she wrote… “PEDO SAMA” on my omurice. omgomgomg…

too bad we weren’t allowed to take pictures. LOL.

after that we played janken with Saeko then Yuki came again and we played nyan wan neko… which was hard, because i never played it before lol.

after that we went out and walked around,


There was a karaoke competition, and at the other side, a group called “saido project” was performing

pretty good songs!



i went in to Ippoi for the 2nd time today, but before that:



*ehem* okay, we went in to ippoi, this time Risa served us, we sat in the front, Yuki was serving the customer beside me.

this time they had extra service: they do us a FAN service with an uchiwa. lol, yes, i was happy.

so the conversation went on until my friend pointed a finger to me and said that i was a pedobear… right when yuki was next to me then Risa took Yuki and hug her and told me to stay away from Yuki while hugging each other. trolololololol fanservice lolololololol naisu!! moaR!

*ehem* okay, that’s all for today, i will come again tomorrow..

ah yes, this is the 2 shot photos i got:


Day 2

so, here i am again on day 2 in the middle of gambir expo, without camera, my only purpose is to come to ippoi again.

i came at 2, then waiting until 3 for my friend to come. meanwhile, with some effort and cheat, i came in to the cafe, and got served by Yuki~

only got 1 person in the cafe, so it was very quiet, we ordered curryrice~ then Yuki once again wrote pedo sama on my curry rice, since there’s virtually nobody at the cafe, so i pulled a chair and let her sit next to us.

we basically chatting until She did this “Special service” to me.. which was so high level it left me stunned for a while back there.

a totally happy moment for me.. 🙂

after took a photo with yuki, we left, my friend went home, and i was alone for a while.. then my stupid brain told me to come in again (actually yuki invited me to..) then i came in again.. for the 4th times… LOL

this time really nobody in the cafe, i ordered katsu sandwich, and got served by chi and yuki (yes 2 maids at a time) LOL. since nobody was inside we could spend moar time… play cards, talking, etc..

anyway~4 stamps~ 4 photos! uyey~ :