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Indonesia Comic-Con 2015 My Experience


This post was late for 3 days, but last weekend there was something special happened in Jakarta, it was the Indonesia Comic-con 2015! it was the same comic con with the one held in the USA. how awesome is that?

and of course there were tons of awesome line up of artists and talents!


see the guy in the middle of the first row? that kenji oh*some*ba the Space Sheriff Gaban!!! and also the suit actor of the first Kamen rider and red ranger. damn man!

and of course i waited for 2 hours just to get a 2 shot with him *put gaban theme song here*


and there was also re-on booth. this time re-on collaborated with a duo from Japan called faint star to be featured as a special comic in the next re-on.


and here they are altogether


Edelyn also performed re-on new theme song on Saturday


and yeah, the one who bought their CD can have an autograph session with them



oh yeah, here are some videos!!

Edelyn performance

and Kenji Ohba performance!


Japan Beauty Week

So after struggling with flood that literally made every inch of Jakarta wet for the past 2 days, I finally have a chance to update this blog for Japan Beauty Week which was held last weekend at FX mall Jakarta.


This event was full of expensive cosmetics and pretty girls.

there was also free skin check


Olive des Olive showcased their clothing as well. I don’t know, but they don’t seem to have any intention to sell their clothes. lol.


and various stuff which i don’t understand 🙂 seriously, girl’s make up items are too damn many, but as long as they make them pretty, men will always support them. 🙂


Heart Ribbon also participated in this event, they sang 3 songs in this event



bonus: Olive girls~


POPCON ASIA 2013 with Switch – My Experience


Last weekend, I went to Popcon asia 2013 for 3 days. This is an event dedicated for pop art culture held in JCC Jakarta, and was filled with popular artists from around the world like Mr. Kim Jung Gi and Mr. Kunkka.

This year event was larger than last year’s, with higher quality guests and merchandises.

the atmosphere of the event

There are many talented young artists from Indonesia, and my friends here also participated:

FPS x Squash alternative

They sell posters, pins and their own artbooks.


Those are some badass drawings by the way… damn man, this event was filled with lots of badass artists whowill put your drawing skill to shame. lol.

One of my favorite creation in the event was probably this company who displayed some really realistic figurines I’d hope I can just steal the things.

A fox-dude is going for a date with some hot chicks


If you’re hungry and don’t want to spend 70k rupiah on the most expensive nasi goreng you’ll ever seen in your life at the cafe outside the event, you can eat this popular chicken gyoza for 20k per 5 pieces


anyway, I was at POPCON for the Japanese Station booth with Switch

Switch is a part of Japanese Station navigator, they are 5 girls who will navigate your life to a better otaku path, lol.

Here at POPCON, they sell their first merchandises for the first time.


if you buy their photos, they sign the photos for you!


If you buy the Switch packs, which contains a T-shirt, photos, and a sticker, you can get a polaroid shot with one of the member.

I took some shots of the members, they’re kind enough to give their time to pose with me:

from left to right: Neza, Nia, Edelyn, Femke
from left to right:
Neza, Nia, Edelyn, Femke
Edelyn with Elvina
Edelyn with Elvina

They’re cute aren’t they?  I will keep the rest of the photos for private collections *ufufufufufu*

in the end of the event, they held an auction, and guest what, Kim Jung Gi’s drawing was sold for 5000USD

5-freaking-thousand-US-dollars, my friend
5-freaking-thousand-US-dollars, my friend

Overall, the event was fun, looking at those awesome artist made us remember we’re nothing but shitty kids with crayon in front of them.

Dunia Delusi launching event

I went to an event called “Dunia Delusi (World of Delusion) launching event. This dunia delusi is a book title wrote by a group of JKT48 fans who called themselves “Genderuwota” , Genderuwo is a ghost name from Indonesia.


I had a peek of the book, and the book contains of many short stories full of wild imagination of wota, you know, those stories that come in your head when you’re imagining perverted things something

The launching event is filled by some talents like switch, and ai48, the place was quite cozy and comfortable, we can see some familiar  faces around, like my friend here who is a regular visitor of jkt theater.


Switch and Japanese station navigators are the MC’s of this event

look at that handsome dude over there, he is one of the JS navigator and also the main MC of the event.


and also Neza and Edelyn from Switch


They also did a little performance with the guest star as a bonus


They also do some quizzes for the audiences, like this wotagei and dance competition


And then there is ai48 which is a cover dance group. look at the audience’s expression when ai48 performed


some were keeping their cool:


found an interesting fanmade shirt, i don’t quite understand what it means though, lol:


fap??? fap?? the japanese there looks like “super fap kita zo!” lol nvm

these are the other snapshot during the day:



There are more, but I think I’ll keep them as private collections 🙂

Bijac no tanjoiwai


Last Saturday, me went to an event called “Bijac no Tanjoiwai” which is literally translated as “Binus international Japan culture club’s anniversary” *correct me if i’m wrong*

so Binus is like one of the most famous university here, so mainstream and famous about it’s IT and DOTA maniac students. lol.

so in a university like this, there must be a lot of otaku, right? so this is their otaku club’s annual event. 

As i arrived at the venue, i noticed that the only things indoor were the stage, and the game tournament. the rest of the booths were outside, my friends also opened their booth:



they were selling their fanart goods, like pins and posters:


i was there to watch Samurai blue performance at night, and was lucky enough to be able to take some photos:

Edelyn and Nia were getting ready for their performance with samurai blue





                                                                    the audience~





Anyway their performance was good~ i saw some wota were doing wotagei on the 2nd floor. lol

Otsukare sama deshita!



Yesterday on February 2nd, some of fans held an event called Bingo, which is a small indie live event where some groups performed live, singing 48 group songs.

as you can see on the left there are 6 performers, Kultivasi, Saka, Sarah Anjani, Saturday night karaoke, Clover, and Franzeska Edelyn.

I only saw some of their performance, but it was a fun event, some of the performers was singing akb songs in different style and they were good~lol. there are some mistakes and human errors here and there, and it was friggin’ hot inside the room, but i think the event was a success.

i was there with Edelyn and Nia, which is one of the performers, they got interviewed by Majisuka right after the show:


and the majisuka guy said something like “after we upload our last interview with you, our page view increased quite a lot, so thank you” lol.

and because i happened to bring a camera:


HOT event – Day 1 and Day 2

After a long absence of updates, today i can finally update my blog. lol. i went to an event called HOT event, which is a doujin event in Jakarta.


which is to be honest, a small event. here, people can sell their doujin works and see buy some japanese-related goods.



even something like this


nah, it wasn’t sold. lol. anyway once you go in from the entrance, you will notice this:


ippoi, it’s a brand new cosplay cafe, this HOT event is its first debut, and their first theme is vocaloid~

i’ve made a reservation on 12.30 and 2.30 (yes, 2 times orz) together with my friend, so while waiting we’re looking around and took a peekImage

lol, the main reason reason i came to this event is this maid cafe. i always love maid cafe, and i know some of the maids here.

so me and my friend went inside, the one who served us was Saeko, a tall, black short haired maid with red eyes.

i ordered omurice and choose tomato sauce as toppings when Saeko was decorating my friend’s omurice, Yuki came and offered her help to decorate my omurice.

She asked what i want her to write and i said “anything you like” and she wrote… “PEDO SAMA” on my omurice. omgomgomg…

too bad we weren’t allowed to take pictures. LOL.

after that we played janken with Saeko then Yuki came again and we played nyan wan neko… which was hard, because i never played it before lol.

after that we went out and walked around,


There was a karaoke competition, and at the other side, a group called “saido project” was performing

pretty good songs!



i went in to Ippoi for the 2nd time today, but before that:



*ehem* okay, we went in to ippoi, this time Risa served us, we sat in the front, Yuki was serving the customer beside me.

this time they had extra service: they do us a FAN service with an uchiwa. lol, yes, i was happy.

so the conversation went on until my friend pointed a finger to me and said that i was a pedobear… right when yuki was next to me then Risa took Yuki and hug her and told me to stay away from Yuki while hugging each other. trolololololol fanservice lolololololol naisu!! moaR!

*ehem* okay, that’s all for today, i will come again tomorrow..

ah yes, this is the 2 shot photos i got:


Day 2

so, here i am again on day 2 in the middle of gambir expo, without camera, my only purpose is to come to ippoi again.

i came at 2, then waiting until 3 for my friend to come. meanwhile, with some effort and cheat, i came in to the cafe, and got served by Yuki~

only got 1 person in the cafe, so it was very quiet, we ordered curryrice~ then Yuki once again wrote pedo sama on my curry rice, since there’s virtually nobody at the cafe, so i pulled a chair and let her sit next to us.

we basically chatting until She did this “Special service” to me.. which was so high level it left me stunned for a while back there.

a totally happy moment for me.. 🙂

after took a photo with yuki, we left, my friend went home, and i was alone for a while.. then my stupid brain told me to come in again (actually yuki invited me to..) then i came in again.. for the 4th times… LOL

this time really nobody in the cafe, i ordered katsu sandwich, and got served by chi and yuki (yes 2 maids at a time) LOL. since nobody was inside we could spend moar time… play cards, talking, etc..

anyway~4 stamps~ 4 photos! uyey~ :