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Indonesia Comic-Con 2015 My Experience


This post was late for 3 days, but last weekend there was something special happened in Jakarta, it was the Indonesia Comic-con 2015! it was the same comic con with the one held in the USA. how awesome is that?

and of course there were tons of awesome line up of artists and talents!


see the guy in the middle of the first row? that kenji oh*some*ba the Space Sheriff Gaban!!! and also the suit actor of the first Kamen rider and red ranger. damn man!

and of course i waited for 2 hours just to get a 2 shot with him *put gaban theme song here*


and there was also re-on booth. this time re-on collaborated with a duo from Japan called faint star to be featured as a special comic in the next re-on.


and here they are altogether


Edelyn also performed re-on new theme song on Saturday


and yeah, the one who bought their CD can have an autograph session with them



oh yeah, here are some videos!!

Edelyn performance

and Kenji Ohba performance!


Switch on!

Switch on! is a new web TV episode by Japanese station.com which is a web portal for anything Japanese. They write anything ranging from anime to idol

In Switch on!, you’ll be navigated by Switch, a 5-cute-girls-group who will show you the way to a better otaku path (lol)

14 22 4 5 2

These pictures are from their website not the actual photos.

And for those who bitchin’ about how producing photos are imitating 48 groups, dude, in Japan you can also Morning musume photopacks, Matsumoto Jun and all the johnny’s Jr photopacks, and even Enako photopacks, so these kinds of business are not limited to AKB’s, they exist before AKB48

So, Japanese station has released the first episode of Switch on! on youtube.

In this episode, they went to Japan Foundation in Jakarta to show you the library and how to wear a yukata.

me myself have worn a yukata before, and that was hard to wear for the first time, but that’s male yukata. Female yukata is much harder to wear rather than their male counterpart, the female one is longer and have to be folded in the waist to be worn properly.

i don’t know what the extra length is for, maybe it’s an extra space for boobs (i don’t know!) so even the P cup women still can wear yukata comfortably.. nah i just joking. find the answer in the video!

Bijac no tanjoiwai


Last Saturday, me went to an event called “Bijac no Tanjoiwai” which is literally translated as “Binus international Japan culture club’s anniversary” *correct me if i’m wrong*

so Binus is like one of the most famous university here, so mainstream and famous about it’s IT and DOTA maniac students. lol.

so in a university like this, there must be a lot of otaku, right? so this is their otaku club’s annual event. 

As i arrived at the venue, i noticed that the only things indoor were the stage, and the game tournament. the rest of the booths were outside, my friends also opened their booth:



they were selling their fanart goods, like pins and posters:


i was there to watch Samurai blue performance at night, and was lucky enough to be able to take some photos:

Edelyn and Nia were getting ready for their performance with samurai blue





                                                                    the audience~





Anyway their performance was good~ i saw some wota were doing wotagei on the 2nd floor. lol

Otsukare sama deshita!