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POPCON ASIA 2013 with Switch – My Experience


Last weekend, I went to Popcon asia 2013 for 3 days. This is an event dedicated for pop art culture held in JCC Jakarta, and was filled with popular artists from around the world like Mr. Kim Jung Gi and Mr. Kunkka.

This year event was larger than last year’s, with higher quality guests and merchandises.

the atmosphere of the event

There are many talented young artists from Indonesia, and my friends here also participated:

FPS x Squash alternative

They sell posters, pins and their own artbooks.


Those are some badass drawings by the way… damn man, this event was filled with lots of badass artists whowill put your drawing skill to shame. lol.

One of my favorite creation in the event was probably this company who displayed some really realistic figurines I’d hope I can just steal the things.

A fox-dude is going for a date with some hot chicks


If you’re hungry and don’t want to spend 70k rupiah on the most expensive nasi goreng you’ll ever seen in your life at the cafe outside the event, you can eat this popular chicken gyoza for 20k per 5 pieces


anyway, I was at POPCON for the Japanese Station booth with Switch

Switch is a part of Japanese Station navigator, they are 5 girls who will navigate your life to a better otaku path, lol.

Here at POPCON, they sell their first merchandises for the first time.


if you buy their photos, they sign the photos for you!


If you buy the Switch packs, which contains a T-shirt, photos, and a sticker, you can get a polaroid shot with one of the member.

I took some shots of the members, they’re kind enough to give their time to pose with me:

from left to right: Neza, Nia, Edelyn, Femke
from left to right:
Neza, Nia, Edelyn, Femke
Edelyn with Elvina
Edelyn with Elvina

They’re cute aren’t they?  I will keep the rest of the photos for private collections *ufufufufufu*

in the end of the event, they held an auction, and guest what, Kim Jung Gi’s drawing was sold for 5000USD

5-freaking-thousand-US-dollars, my friend
5-freaking-thousand-US-dollars, my friend

Overall, the event was fun, looking at those awesome artist made us remember we’re nothing but shitty kids with crayon in front of them.

Anime Festival Asia – 2days before…


Here we go again!! it’s almost H-2 for Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia!!!!!

It’s the second time AFA holding its exhibition outside Singapore after few months ago in Malaysia.

now in Indonesia we have a not-less awesome guests list!!

7!, bless4, kotoko, angela, lisa, stereopony, and of course… ANIKI and SEA*A




this means a 2x 4-hours concert this weekend! 

that’s roughly like watching 4 AKB48 concerts in 2 days lol. 

talking about AFA, it’s an event where you can buy yourself a table, and sell your own doujin / artbooks like in comicket!

now, some of my otaku friends will sell their self-made artbook called 2012 SQUASH ALTERNATIVE

which contains some of their best illustrations. 

they showed me the first copy of the book today in my office:




some of them are well known in the internet for their illustrations, and for me myself, this book contains quite good illustrations, some of them are really high quality.

this book will be sold at AFA this Saturday and Sunday at a very reasonable price! (i don’t know how much) so don’t forget to grab yours!!

for first timers in afa, bring camera, be shameless, talk to pretty cosplayers for 2 shots!

my advice really.. lol

Let’s enjoy this weekend!!!!!!!!