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Waku waku Japan music festival – my experience

Hi! It’s been a while since the last time I posted here. Lately there are so many Japan pop culture event in Jakarta, and whenever something goes from quality to quantity, its not enjoyable for me.

Now, waku waku Japan is a cable TV program that shows 24 hours of finger lickin’ good Japanese TV shows. From Ultraman to Kamen rider to oshin to Anime, you name it. And they was just launched in Indonesia by bringing us Flumpool!

Visit Waku waku japan website here


and not only flumpool, We got JKT48, Afghan, and BCL!


to be honest, I never been to BCL and Afgan concert before so I was a bit lazy on the first time, but it turned out that they are amazing.

unnamed (3)

The first to sing was JKT48 with… i forgot what the song was, then afgan, he got this white mic which is cool, and his voice was really crisp, the vvotas were shouting “chouzetsu kawaii, afgan” i don’t know if afgan knew what that means. lol.. then BCL came and sang a song called “jangan gila” which I heard a lot on radio but i didn’t know who the singer was. lol.

unnamed (2)

Then the last one to came out was flumpool. damn, i never been to flumpool concert, but the moment they sang, it was totally cool. the lead singer instantly stole the heart of every women in the hall… well maybe some men too..


unnamed (1)

my only comment is, the room was freezing! I went out of the room several times just to return my body temperature to normal again. lol.

Oh yeah, i got my ticket for free from B blog, if you want free tickets on the next project, check out:





Dunia Delusi launching event

I went to an event called “Dunia Delusi (World of Delusion) launching event. This dunia delusi is a book title wrote by a group of JKT48 fans who called themselves “Genderuwota” , Genderuwo is a ghost name from Indonesia.


I had a peek of the book, and the book contains of many short stories full of wild imagination of wota, you know, those stories that come in your head when you’re imagining perverted things something

The launching event is filled by some talents like switch, and ai48, the place was quite cozy and comfortable, we can see some familiar  faces around, like my friend here who is a regular visitor of jkt theater.


Switch and Japanese station navigators are the MC’s of this event

look at that handsome dude over there, he is one of the JS navigator and also the main MC of the event.


and also Neza and Edelyn from Switch


They also did a little performance with the guest star as a bonus


They also do some quizzes for the audiences, like this wotagei and dance competition


And then there is ai48 which is a cover dance group. look at the audience’s expression when ai48 performed


some were keeping their cool:


found an interesting fanmade shirt, i don’t quite understand what it means though, lol:


fap??? fap?? the japanese there looks like “super fap kita zo!” lol nvm

these are the other snapshot during the day:



There are more, but I think I’ll keep them as private collections 🙂


Yesterday on February 2nd, some of fans held an event called Bingo, which is a small indie live event where some groups performed live, singing 48 group songs.

as you can see on the left there are 6 performers, Kultivasi, Saka, Sarah Anjani, Saturday night karaoke, Clover, and Franzeska Edelyn.

I only saw some of their performance, but it was a fun event, some of the performers was singing akb songs in different style and they were good~lol. there are some mistakes and human errors here and there, and it was friggin’ hot inside the room, but i think the event was a success.

i was there with Edelyn and Nia, which is one of the performers, they got interviewed by Majisuka right after the show:


and the majisuka guy said something like “after we upload our last interview with you, our page view increased quite a lot, so thank you” lol.

and because i happened to bring a camera: