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AFAID2015 My Experience

at last! after i-don’t-know-for-how-long I’ve been absent from this blog activity, there are too damn many events in my town lately and that makes me lazy to update, but this one is special, because it’s time for AFAID2015!

this year’s AFAID was located at kemayoran, like the very first AFAID

Reon booth

i have to fulfill my duty as kuli/bodyguard/driver for my girlfriend and i want to enjoy the event, so i came all three days


the afa cafe this year was also a join cafe between butler and maid cafe. there are yutaki, nao as buttler and matcha mei, punipun, comi, as maids (i forgot the rest)

along with the regular cosplayer like yingtze, pinky, and richfield, this year they bring along a new “big” one who once nominated as the most beautiful girl in akihabara, otogi nekomu san.


damn! too bad i didn’t get the chance to take photo together with her.

at reon booth, this year only edelyn and jeanice who are participate because the rest are at the maid cafe.



with Reon

managed to take photo with reon on sunday. pardon my face lol. as usual, reon booth is one of the largest booth there, and always crowded full of hungry zombies attracted by the sweet pheromones of the ladies at reon booth. i will update more reon photos later, as they are in my camera.

and then there are pink babies. these cute underage idols are the perfect jailbaits for the pedobears lurking at afaid.

IMG_20150927_183531[1] IMG_20150927_183809[1]
IMG_4378-s IMG_4572-s

i don’t really know about pink babies, but i got some clear shots since i got in the front row.

and there is hiroaki kato, he is a japanese singer who can speak indonesian very fluently, and he can sing indonesian songs very well.


and at pony canyon booth, they’re promoting this new singer called michi, who sang the theme songs of obe anime called rokka no yusha.

bought the cd and got her sign


her name is michi, you can follow her twitter here @michi_stbe

will upload moar photos later!

Anime Festival Asia – 2days before…


Here we go again!! it’s almost H-2 for Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia!!!!!

It’s the second time AFA holding its exhibition outside Singapore after few months ago in Malaysia.

now in Indonesia we have a not-less awesome guests list!!

7!, bless4, kotoko, angela, lisa, stereopony, and of course… ANIKI and SEA*A




this means a 2x 4-hours concert this weekend! 

that’s roughly like watching 4 AKB48 concerts in 2 days lol. 

talking about AFA, it’s an event where you can buy yourself a table, and sell your own doujin / artbooks like in comicket!

now, some of my otaku friends will sell their self-made artbook called 2012 SQUASH ALTERNATIVE

which contains some of their best illustrations. 

they showed me the first copy of the book today in my office:




some of them are well known in the internet for their illustrations, and for me myself, this book contains quite good illustrations, some of them are really high quality.

this book will be sold at AFA this Saturday and Sunday at a very reasonable price! (i don’t know how much) so don’t forget to grab yours!!

for first timers in afa, bring camera, be shameless, talk to pretty cosplayers for 2 shots!

my advice really.. lol

Let’s enjoy this weekend!!!!!!!!