Anime Festival Asia 2014 – My Experience

Here we go again with Anime Festival Asia 2014! This year’s AFA was also held at Jakarta Convention Center. Held on the 15-17th of August, the same day with Indonesia Independence Day!

Due the massive amount of works I’m currently doing recently, I only able to enjoy afa only on the saturday night, I came on Sunday night but only to pick up my kanojo.

even though it’s only for a short time, it was fun because I could meet with my friends.

Love live counter, every otaku’s favorite “idols”

but that day at afa, people had one more “idol”



yes, the almighty 6,7 million rupiah smart doll mirai suenaga…. which was sold out on the first day


Worship our god!

lol, me personally doesn’t have a taste for dolls, but it is always intriguing to see how 2D anime girl can affect human ^^


well it really is pretty.. no doubt about that.



then the AFA cafe. Met Jim and He said the cafe was running good and smooth. Yutakis was there and he drives women crazy with that handsomeness of him (or should i say prettiness?)

the one thing i knew about Yutaki is that he has that feminine side of him…. no, not like I personally experience it, I just saw him from outside the cafe. lol.


Re-on booth! as usual, Edelyn was the official cosplayer of Re-on, and this time there was also Shinta and Laks



I also got Re-on official photobook on the day before afa,



I also documented the ‘behind the scene’ of re-on Rise photoshoot


See the full gallery here

ah yes, for those who haven’t got the RISE photobook and want to have it, you can directly order this book from Franzeska Edelyn’s Page

Please buy, oniichan!
Please buy, oniichan!

Then i watched SAGA at sony mini stage with my friends, SAGA was damn cool!

IMG_1732-29-s IMG_1731-28-s


maybe everyone already knew that SAGA is a multinational group, the girl is Korean, the guy in the middle is Japanese, and the guy in the right is Chinese. All of them speak English so they can communicate well with their fans.

IMG_1705-7-sAnd then the ULTIMATE ZEONG!

ah look at those puny unicorn and banshee… meh, zeong will destroy your asses!!!!

lol, the zeong was sold at 5 million rupiah.

and there is this organic shaped gundam



that’s not really like a shape of a gundam, but once again, I like Turn A, so I can handle a little abnormalities in gundam shape 🙂

hell yeah baby
hell yeah baby

and then there’s these ultra cool one piece figures

IMG_1738-35-s IMG_1737-34-s


*rainbow puke*

in the end I didn’t buy anything, sigh… compare that to our reon mascot who put her freebies she got from AFA on her Instagram:



godamnmit i’m jealous

but I got these loots given to me, which is nice


hahaha, I don’t know what happened to you dear canon photographers, but that photo is so purple. I edited it a bit here so it won’t turn like purple Reon.. hahahaha

Anyway AFA was fun even I only enjoyed it a little.

where am i? stuck doing my paperwork for my study with my group



that’s my group leader, not me.




Turn A and Exia Gundam

Last night, I decided to take some photograph of my Gundam model kit. For those who never play gunpla before, gunpla is like do-it-yourself-robo-barbie for men. Gunpla is a good decoration for your room.

I experimented with a black paper used as background and 2 flash lights.

the first gundam I shot is my Turn A gundam. Turn A gundam is a gundam from correct century, piloted by Loran Cehack, a white haired young bishonen who accidentally found his gundam on his coming of age ceremony.


this is my first time taking photo of my Gundam, pardon some mistakes here and there.

then I added extra lighting.

That mustache!!


The second gundam I use is my exia gundam. exia gundam is piloted by Setsuna F seiei, the always annoyed looking gundam pilot from middle east, who was delusional enough to say that he is a gundam.


I want to do more gunpla photoshoot later on. Please check it out in my page here

Review: Morakniv Companion Heavy duty MG

Ever since I watched rurouni kenshin on TV more than 10 years ago, I’ve been wanted to own my own blade, a beautiful blade that i can depend on. But I was still in junior high school at that time so I wasn’t able to own a blade.

My last post before this was about my first blade, a folding knife, and this time, I will review Morakniv Companion Heavy duty MG, my second knife, a fixed blade from Morakniv, Sweden.

I got the knife from amazon for 16 USD, the best knife for its price. The shipping cost to Indonesia was what make it expensive 🙂

Comparison with gerber’s Bear grill scout
blade comparison
blade comparison

It’s a sturdy 3,2 mm thick carbon steel blade with 104 mm blade length, its total length is 225 mm and weights around 135 gr


it is a partial tang blade, means the tang is around 3/4 the length of its handle. see that 3,2 mm blade thickness? love it!

and it features scandi grind


blade thickness
blade thickness
scandinavian grind

means it is easy to resharpen and provides good control in woodcarving.

the handle
the handle

The handle is very rubbery and provides nice grip even for small asian hands.


It is made in Sweden! the sheath is in military green color, strong plastic with belt clip.

nice to handle
nice to handle
the blade

It comes sharp out of the box, tried to cut a piece of paper and it cuts nicely without even bending the paper.

Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this knife. You can use this to cut groceries, meat, wood carving, self defense, assassination, and many more.

i love how mora made the blade mirror polished, just love that bling bling. lol.

and remember, knife is a tool, it can be used as a weapon too, use it wisely.



Review: Gerber Bear Grylls scout knife

Hi there, It’s been a while, lately I’ve been very busy with works and study I didn’t have time and material to write blog, but then, I think I want to keep writing this blog.

So, what i want to write today is a review of Bear Grylls survival scout knife from Gerber.



Gerber is a knife maker company from USA, and they are having this collaboration with the famous badass survival expert Bear Grylls for their survival knife series. I bought mine from Amazon. This is an affordable knife with okay quality


They use locking mechanism so the blade doesn’t snap back at your finger. The blade is a high carbon steel knife


it got textured rubber and plastic handle, 8 and half centimeter blade, and was made in China… hence the “okay” quality 😦


The quality is okay for a made in China knife, better than the counterfeits (of course!)

This knife have a good ergonomics and quite nice to handle. I tried some handling position and turns out the knife was very nice to handle.

The standard ninjingiri grip:



The Imgonnastabyourfacerepeatedly grip:


My thumb sit nicely at the bottom of the knife. lol.

The ninja wanabee grip:


Okay, overall, this is a good budget folding knife for beginner. it still can stab stab and chop chop.

you can use it for cutting vegetables, meat, or even people… *forget what i just said*

okay, will review other knife later~

see ya~



Waku waku Japan music festival – my experience

Hi! It’s been a while since the last time I posted here. Lately there are so many Japan pop culture event in Jakarta, and whenever something goes from quality to quantity, its not enjoyable for me.

Now, waku waku Japan is a cable TV program that shows 24 hours of finger lickin’ good Japanese TV shows. From Ultraman to Kamen rider to oshin to Anime, you name it. And they was just launched in Indonesia by bringing us Flumpool!

Visit Waku waku japan website here


and not only flumpool, We got JKT48, Afghan, and BCL!


to be honest, I never been to BCL and Afgan concert before so I was a bit lazy on the first time, but it turned out that they are amazing.

unnamed (3)

The first to sing was JKT48 with… i forgot what the song was, then afgan, he got this white mic which is cool, and his voice was really crisp, the vvotas were shouting “chouzetsu kawaii, afgan” i don’t know if afgan knew what that means. lol.. then BCL came and sang a song called “jangan gila” which I heard a lot on radio but i didn’t know who the singer was. lol.

unnamed (2)

Then the last one to came out was flumpool. damn, i never been to flumpool concert, but the moment they sang, it was totally cool. the lead singer instantly stole the heart of every women in the hall… well maybe some men too..


unnamed (1)

my only comment is, the room was freezing! I went out of the room several times just to return my body temperature to normal again. lol.

Oh yeah, i got my ticket for free from B blog, if you want free tickets on the next project, check out:





J music lab : Denpagumi

today, i went to j music lab at fx jakarta to attend denpagumi performance. thanks to, i was able to attend the press conference.

i didn’t know anything about denpagumi before, i only have listened to one o their song,


i didn’t ask anything during the interview, but after the interview, i was asked by japanese station to help then get denpagumi autographs on their signboard and say a sentence for special video. and we got it despites the angry security guys ☺


one funny happening though, i was wearing a t shirt with cute drawings on it, one of the denpagumi member saw it and said that it was kawaii. *i forgot which one*. then i said to them did they know what the drawing was, and she looked at my t shirt again then realized that it was a picture of sperm and startled lol. she then told the other girl next to her.

we got ourselves except Edelyn kicked out of the room my securities, for some reason, the securities let Edelyn stayed in the room with denpagumi. lol.

at that night we watch the concert, and i was lucky to get a free pass


one of my friend who went all outduring the show


lol, sorry for the bad quality photos, they are all from my mobile phone.

denpagumi said during the show that they want to have a solo live in Jakarta in the future.

*will upload press con video later *

Mangrove photoshoot with Franzeska Edelyn and Meibii photography

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to join a photoshoot with meibii photography and Franzeska Edelyn. The photoshoot took place in a mangrove reservation park, and although I’m not a professional photographer, I brought my camera and just shoot away. lol

here are some of the results :))







Okay, let me put some of these photos  into a delusional conversation:

"oniichan, tabeyou~"
“oniichan, nomou~””nani ga hoshii?”

"atashii, cider wo nomitainaa~"
“atashii, cider wo nomitainaa~””eeh? omae mada miseinen dayo! osake wa dame!”

“eeeh?! nomitaiiii~~~ nomitaiiiiii~”

“…….ha.. hai…”

"aaah, oishikatta!"
“aaah, oishikatta!”

Lol, okay, stop.

so there are a lot of photos left which I won’t put in here because I was too lazy.

instead, I’ll show you this to neutralize your brain:


“human, what were you thinking?”

Fashion is you – Japan Matsuri 2013

Hi there~ I have been so lazy updating this blog, one of the reason is that because I was busy travelling around Kalos region, trying to catch ’em all, to be the very best like no one ever was.


which… i have not finished yet, still going around the frozen cavern at the time being, i don’t know how to catch haunter without killing it XD

so… last Saturday, there’s an event called “Fashion is You” by galleries lafayette, which is a fashion show for amateurs and non model.

I was there because Franzeska Edelyn and Marsha Indira from Kyorindays were participating in the event.

the categories were “cocktail time” for Edelyn and “Smokey rock” for Marsha, here are some photos:


ups, wrong picture :3~









and on the 27th, we got Japan Matsuri at Pluit Village.

In this 4 weeks event, we got many performances, martial arts, booths, etc.

Thanks to Snapped Shunkan for displaying our video 🙂

some photos:

IMG_9625 IMG_9899 IMG_9905 IMG_9906 IMG_9907 IMG_9910 IMG_9914


Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 – My experience

After a long break, I finally update my blog, yes, this time it is the AFA ID 2013 field report!

This year’s AFA ID took place at Jakarta Convention Center. With a venue twice the size of last year’s , this year’s AFA ID was almost twice as awesome than last year.


I came on day 2 and 3, and it was very very crowded on day 2.

The venue have 2 levels, the ground floor was for official store and merchandises, while basement was for AFA cafe and Creator’s booth.

On the ground floor, you can find lots of toys displayed



These mega badass one piece figurines


Kamen riders




and gun… no, that’s a cosplayer.

and Culture Japan’s booth: with my friend working part time there


we also had Indonesia Game Show next door, and i grabbed one of League of legend goodie bag.



This year we had no individual maid and butler cafe, instead, we had one big AFA Cafe, which have all the maids and the butlers.

and in this year’s cafe, most of the maids and butlers are from Indonesia


Yes, that is the same Yuki chan from my previous post :)) she became a moe moe kyun maid !

The cafe was a huge success, on day 2, i heard hordes of people were rushing in the moment the cafe was opened:


here’s one of the butler I will fall in love with if he was wearing a skirt:


and no, I’m not into Yaoi.


since my cousin asked me to accompany him, I also enter the cafe, but I only pay for 2 shot service.

and of course I’m with Yuki 🙂


Fuuuuu…shion!!! last year we also took the same pose at Jak Japan Matsuri 🙂

This year’s afa had food stalls just next to the creator’s booth, and since i was hungry, i ate this huge hot dog for lunch


after that I was sitting around playing my 3ds. Got 36 streetpasses for the first day, and another 36 streetpasses on day 2. awesome!


Here are some photos i took during AFA ID 13


Mirai Cosplayer









and the winner of this year forever arone photo is…


hahahaha, just kidding

POPCON ASIA 2013 with Switch – My Experience


Last weekend, I went to Popcon asia 2013 for 3 days. This is an event dedicated for pop art culture held in JCC Jakarta, and was filled with popular artists from around the world like Mr. Kim Jung Gi and Mr. Kunkka.

This year event was larger than last year’s, with higher quality guests and merchandises.

the atmosphere of the event

There are many talented young artists from Indonesia, and my friends here also participated:

FPS x Squash alternative

They sell posters, pins and their own artbooks.


Those are some badass drawings by the way… damn man, this event was filled with lots of badass artists whowill put your drawing skill to shame. lol.

One of my favorite creation in the event was probably this company who displayed some really realistic figurines I’d hope I can just steal the things.

A fox-dude is going for a date with some hot chicks


If you’re hungry and don’t want to spend 70k rupiah on the most expensive nasi goreng you’ll ever seen in your life at the cafe outside the event, you can eat this popular chicken gyoza for 20k per 5 pieces


anyway, I was at POPCON for the Japanese Station booth with Switch

Switch is a part of Japanese Station navigator, they are 5 girls who will navigate your life to a better otaku path, lol.

Here at POPCON, they sell their first merchandises for the first time.


if you buy their photos, they sign the photos for you!


If you buy the Switch packs, which contains a T-shirt, photos, and a sticker, you can get a polaroid shot with one of the member.

I took some shots of the members, they’re kind enough to give their time to pose with me:

from left to right: Neza, Nia, Edelyn, Femke
from left to right:
Neza, Nia, Edelyn, Femke
Edelyn with Elvina
Edelyn with Elvina

They’re cute aren’t they?  I will keep the rest of the photos for private collections *ufufufufufu*

in the end of the event, they held an auction, and guest what, Kim Jung Gi’s drawing was sold for 5000USD

5-freaking-thousand-US-dollars, my friend
5-freaking-thousand-US-dollars, my friend

Overall, the event was fun, looking at those awesome artist made us remember we’re nothing but shitty kids with crayon in front of them.

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