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My last 3 days…

I went on a Journey…..

to a distant city full of hurdle and trial

but after those hard days….

it was a happy ending in AKB48 Cafe…


no one knows what the future holds…

so let’s enjoy this moment.



Nico nico live

Lately I’m really into niconico live and twitcasting.

all of this because i found this interesting girl called Shimizu Kaoru.

this cute girl

she can sing, her talk is good, she’s from Osaka, her kansai ben is cute, her broadcast is interesting, and she is kind to her listener~

and her voice is really really good~

i wonder if she will become a real idol in the future :3

so if you have time please visit her community page in nico nico live:

Japan Matsuri 2011

the banner

It was a blazing hot day and in such a day i went to Monas for Japan Matsuri which held annually by the Japan Embassy in Jakarta.

今日は天気がすごく暑かったが、私はジャカルタで「JAPAN MATSURI」という日本大使館が開催されたイベントに行ってきました。

arrived at 11 in the morning, the first performance i saw was the omikoshi by the japanese international school in Jakarta, there were sooooo many cute little japanese students performed on the mini shrine.


my favourite girl

I’ve uploaded some of my photos. Don’t ask me why there are so many little girls photos here. *facepalm*


There was a Japanese oneechan there selling AKB48 photos for 5000 rupiah each. i bought only two of them because these are unofficial photos.


Yokoyama Yui and Kashiwagi Yuki

unfortunately, i didn’t have much conversation with the oneesan because she was busy at that time and looks like she didn’t realize my AKB48 t-shirt. lol


the whole gallery:

Japanesia – Labschool

Today i went to an event called Japanesia held by one of well known high school in Jakarta, the Labschool. i went there with some friends of mine who are all otaku… well, as expected, they also brought some figures with them for photoshoot, so here they are, my pictures of the day:

oh yeahhhh

Once again, an ultra long weekend.

it has been a while since the last time i’ve updated my blog. I’ve been busy lately doing preparation for the upcoming AKB48 stage in Singapore on 26th of June.

At last! My package has arrived! i ordered AKB48 single, Everyday Kachuusha through Play-asia before, but they’re such a slowpoke and i ended up cancelling it and re-order the CD with They send my CD with DHL which is bloody expensive. But it is kinda okay since it only took 1 day from Japan to Indonesia. The CD should have been delivered to me this afternoon but since my house was empty today, i will take the CD tomorrow at the DHL office.

i will post the pictures tomorrow! can’t wait to vote my lovely Miyazaki Miho for this year senbatsu election. i hope she makes it to the big 20. みゃお!一緒に頑張ろう!

One week after the concert

Tomorrow is exactly one week after the first AKB48 concert which i missed. Day after day i’m getting closer to become a freaky AKB48 fan as my brain is full of Myao’s face.

in one of Myao’s video, i saw her drinking a glass of ginger ale… well.. it didn’t take long time to make me want to try this bloody concoction of Ginger and Soda…

and so i bought one....

well, i think it tastes good, actually it’s more refreshing than a cola.

after lots of thoughts, i think i’m going to Singapore to watch the 4th concert of AKB48 on 26th of June…

i hope i can meet Myao, but even if i don’t meet her, i will just come again next time.

i hope everything will be okay.

so here are the random pictures i took at the food festival at MKG today:

心から心へ-Heart to heart

Today, there’s a group of Japanese people in MKG who are raising funds for tsunami victims in Japan. They sells a lot of stuffs including tshirt, pin, photographs and calligraphy. As an Otaku and Japanese freak, it is my duty to make a donation, so here it is”


i bought a calligraphy with "ashita" kanji on it, and a badge

after i bought it, i gave the rest of my money for donation.. and they gave me a post card and an origami.

Arigato gozaimashita!

again, like what they said on asia for Japan, Japan had given so many things for us, now it is our turn to help them. ありがとうございました。