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Indonesia Comic-Con 2015 My Experience


This post was late for 3 days, but last weekend there was something special happened in Jakarta, it was the Indonesia Comic-con 2015! it was the same comic con with the one held in the USA. how awesome is that?

and of course there were tons of awesome line up of artists and talents!


see the guy in the middle of the first row? that kenji oh*some*ba the Space Sheriff Gaban!!! and also the suit actor of the first Kamen rider and red ranger. damn man!

and of course i waited for 2 hours just to get a 2 shot with him *put gaban theme song here*


and there was also re-on booth. this time re-on collaborated with a duo from Japan called faint star to be featured as a special comic in the next re-on.


and here they are altogether


Edelyn also performed re-on new theme song on Saturday


and yeah, the one who bought their CD can have an autograph session with them



oh yeah, here are some videos!!

Edelyn performance

and Kenji Ohba performance!


Anime Festival Asia 2014 – My Experience

Here we go again with Anime Festival Asia 2014! This year’s AFA was also held at Jakarta Convention Center. Held on the 15-17th of August, the same day with Indonesia Independence Day!

Due the massive amount of works I’m currently doing recently, I only able to enjoy afa only on the saturday night, I came on Sunday night but only to pick up my kanojo.

even though it’s only for a short time, it was fun because I could meet with my friends.

Love live counter, every otaku’s favorite “idols”

but that day at afa, people had one more “idol”



yes, the almighty 6,7 million rupiah smart doll mirai suenaga…. which was sold out on the first day


Worship our god!

lol, me personally doesn’t have a taste for dolls, but it is always intriguing to see how 2D anime girl can affect human ^^


well it really is pretty.. no doubt about that.



then the AFA cafe. Met Jim and He said the cafe was running good and smooth. Yutakis was there and he drives women crazy with that handsomeness of him (or should i say prettiness?)

the one thing i knew about Yutaki is that he has that feminine side of him…. no, not like I personally experience it, I just saw him from outside the cafe. lol.


Re-on booth! as usual, Edelyn was the official cosplayer of Re-on, and this time there was also Shinta and Laks



I also got Re-on official photobook on the day before afa,



I also documented the ‘behind the scene’ of re-on Rise photoshoot


See the full gallery here

ah yes, for those who haven’t got the RISE photobook and want to have it, you can directly order this book from Franzeska Edelyn’s Page

Please buy, oniichan!
Please buy, oniichan!

Then i watched SAGA at sony mini stage with my friends, SAGA was damn cool!

IMG_1732-29-s IMG_1731-28-s


maybe everyone already knew that SAGA is a multinational group, the girl is Korean, the guy in the middle is Japanese, and the guy in the right is Chinese. All of them speak English so they can communicate well with their fans.

IMG_1705-7-sAnd then the ULTIMATE ZEONG!

ah look at those puny unicorn and banshee… meh, zeong will destroy your asses!!!!

lol, the zeong was sold at 5 million rupiah.

and there is this organic shaped gundam



that’s not really like a shape of a gundam, but once again, I like Turn A, so I can handle a little abnormalities in gundam shape 🙂

hell yeah baby
hell yeah baby

and then there’s these ultra cool one piece figures

IMG_1738-35-s IMG_1737-34-s


*rainbow puke*

in the end I didn’t buy anything, sigh… compare that to our reon mascot who put her freebies she got from AFA on her Instagram:



godamnmit i’m jealous

but I got these loots given to me, which is nice


hahaha, I don’t know what happened to you dear canon photographers, but that photo is so purple. I edited it a bit here so it won’t turn like purple Reon.. hahahaha

Anyway AFA was fun even I only enjoyed it a little.

where am i? stuck doing my paperwork for my study with my group



that’s my group leader, not me.




Bijac no tanjoiwai


Last Saturday, me went to an event called “Bijac no Tanjoiwai” which is literally translated as “Binus international Japan culture club’s anniversary” *correct me if i’m wrong*

so Binus is like one of the most famous university here, so mainstream and famous about it’s IT and DOTA maniac students. lol.

so in a university like this, there must be a lot of otaku, right? so this is their otaku club’s annual event. 

As i arrived at the venue, i noticed that the only things indoor were the stage, and the game tournament. the rest of the booths were outside, my friends also opened their booth:



they were selling their fanart goods, like pins and posters:


i was there to watch Samurai blue performance at night, and was lucky enough to be able to take some photos:

Edelyn and Nia were getting ready for their performance with samurai blue





                                                                    the audience~





Anyway their performance was good~ i saw some wota were doing wotagei on the 2nd floor. lol

Otsukare sama deshita!


Jak-Japan Matsuri – The Closing

Yesterday was the closing event of Jak-Japan Matsuri at Monas, this was my second time coming to the event.


as usual there were omikoshi, kakigouri, cosplayers, and Japanese lolis


something we never see outside the event:


there were some cosplayers at the event, and at honda booth, they hired some cute cosplayers to promote their bikes… 🙂



even the MC looks like duke nukem without any make up 🙂


if you ignore the heat, it’s actually nice to walk around at monas taking photos of cosplayers



and some lolis…



some of the games you can play there:ImageImage



so night came, and when i was running around shooting this loli…


JKT48 performed that night, so the place was crowded with JKT48 fans,


look at those words :))


was that supposed to be somekind of… road mark? err.. camp? lol


these shot was taken far from the stage and before the show, so it wasn’t really crowded there, but from what i’ve heard from my friends at the front, the seating in front of the stage was totally crowded.

i think i heard the staff said something like “please remain sitting and stay in order or the performance will be cancelled”

so until the show started i just looked around, taking photos


some people did some sparring with wooden sword. i pretty much enjoyed watching the sparring


so the show started, and i was watching from behind the shop with my friends…

started with ponytail to shushu, heavy rotation, aitakatta, then the “youngboys” went out (oh the show was called Young boys feat. JKT48 btw)

and these young boys were really great, the group consist of 3 young boys, playing instruments, but there were around 10 or more music instruments on the stage, and they running around play the instruments in harmony. lol, they’re good.

then the last time, JKT48 appeared again in YUKATA!! YUKATA!!! and they sang
Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara remixed by young boys. i can say this performance is the best performed by JKT48 so far.

actually it will be better if the song was “Boku no uchiage hanabi”, because we were having some hanabi show after that….

so, the situation at the back was under control during the show, and the front seating was crowded with fans, but i think the event went out smoothly, eventhough during the day there were so many “found and lost” announcements. wallets, mobile phones, even lost kids…

well, it was fun yesterday.

Jak-Japan Matsuri – The Opening

Today is the opening day of Jak-Japan Matsuri, an annual event by Japan Foundation in Indonesia to tighten the two nation’s relationship by exchanging and showcase culture from each country.

so after I arrived at the event site, i asked the security guy and he told me that the event is on the 4th floor. so i got on the elevator right away only to see packs of JKT48 zombies in front of the elevator on the fourth floor.

yes, the event is very crowded, full of JKT48 fans.


So me and some of my friends went to the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony performance to try the original Japanese green tea… or maybe we want to try only because some pretty neechan were serving the tea to the audiences.


yes, that short haired neechan

so while they explain about how to drink the tea, they served dorayaki to the audience


now I know how it feels to be Doraemon :))


so that pretty neechan served me and my friends, the tea actually was pretty good, it didn’t taste too bitter, it didn’t feel “heavy” when you drink it. it feels light and refreshing.

moreover because it was made by:


after that, we went inside to see the Sushi battle, which is a sushi making competition, and the fish was provided by the jury who was cutting a super ultra large TUNA… that was the first time i see people cutting up a fish that big.



look at those meat chunks…


so the show continued and another beautiful neechan performed “hana wo saku” with her shamisen. And in this song CM video where many people sings parts of the song, AKB48 member, Nakayan (and another member who i missed to recognize) appears as one of the volunteer who sang the song.


after that was the performance of JKT48. let me tell you, all the heads you see in the photo above were all JKT48 fans. well, mixed with some innocent Japanese who was obviously shocked to see what happened in front of their eyes, which i described as “some barbaric forever alone war cry” lol, kidding, it was the mix and chant that was so loud, so noisy and so out-of the place.

it was very disturbing that some of the Japanese standing next to me said that all of the fans were very “kimochi warui” or gross. lol, yes, and it was escalated quickly after they saw some people at the back do wotagei, in the middle of a ballroom of a famous hotel in Jakarta… shit dude


so it was so chaotic and embarrassing until the Japanese next to me said something like

“kore wa kimoi na” “nandayo kono otaku ppoi na ugoki wa”

well, me and my cosplayer friend next to me in front of the TV monitor just acted as non-wota as possible :))

after the performance ended, i headed out and found that the sashimi was discounted at half price.


not bad~ :))

well, let’s see how the closing event at Monas next week will be,

bonus shot: some JK are checking in to the hotel.


Anime Festival Asia Indonesia – My experience

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia!!!!! This time i will write my experience during the AFAid this weekend.

Held in JIExpo, Jakarta, i came at 8 AM in the morning to redeem my concert ticket and was shocked by the quite long queue… it ultimately took me 2 hours to get my ticket.

so i came in to the exhibition at 10 AM, the venue is much smaller than the AFA Singapore, probably less than half the size of Suntec hall.



So after entering the exhibition hall, I went to every corner of the exhibition hall, it just took me 15 minutes to check all the shops, so i decided to take some photos, while there was still only few cosplayer arrived at this hour.


found this guy in the corner, He just sat there on His motorcycle the whole day. very nice cosplay of kamen rider black.

after that i went to Danny Choo’s cornerImagelot’s of Mirai pictures right there.



As there is still a few cosplayer attended the event, i decided to spend my time in the Moe Moe Kyun cafe as well as taking my lunch, a very expensive lunch :))



So after a looooong queue, I finally enter the café, greeted by Kiyo,

(ah, actually i got too excited and entered the cafe too early, and Kiyo asked me to wait for a moment)

Kiyo: ah, shosho omachi kudasai~

Me: a, sumimasen

(then i made the same mistake once again >_<)

Kiyo: sumimasen, chotto omachi kudasai goshujin sama~

Me: aaaaa… gomen gomennn

Kiyo: gomen nasai ne~

Me: iiee, daijoubu desu

(since she use Japanese i naturally answer with Japanese too)

then it’s my turn

Kiyo: Irasshaimase goshujin sama, gochumon wa nandesuka?

Me: kare rice hitotsu de onegai shimasu~ Kiyo san, nihongo totemo jyouzu desune!

Kiyo: ah hontou? arigatou

Me: watashi mo sukoshi dake shabererun de~ :))

Kiyo: Aah~ sou ka~, ah, goshujin sama, now the other maid wil show you your table, please ← suddenly in English lol….

so i went to my table with Tora, not so long after that, She brought me my lunch and said

Tora: This is not you first time right?

Me: no, this is my 3rd time actually (pointing to my Tomomi badge)

Tora: so, now i will power up your food, please do it together with me


Me: waaaa oishisou~~ (lol)

so after eating a small portion of curry rice very slowly while looking at the other maid and choosing who will i take my 2 shot with, (tora was small, ringo was the prettiest among all, Mio was the sexiest, momo was cute~) i decided to take my photo with Kiyo! :))

while waiting for Kiyo, i talked with Jim and he remembered me~ i told him about how we couldn’t enter the stage area with camera eventhough we put them in our bag,  it was okay back then in AFA singapore and Jim told me that He didn’t know  about that rule…

(some of the first timers didn’t know Jim was Singaporean and try to talk to him in Indonesian lol…)

then… Kiyo camee!!!!!!

she looked Happy when she saw me chose her to take my 2 shot with~ :))


she is cuteeee~~~ (>////<) after taking photo, she talked to me and told me to come again~ then Jim thanked me for coming, then i headed out.

When i came out, it was noon already, and a lot of cosplayer have come


Ah, and the day before Edelyn challenged me to try to find her in the AFAid lol…

found her~ :))


The concert

I got B30 seat, that means in the middle 2nd row, the best place i can imagine.

The concert opened with ANIKI performance, i went full all out since the beginning, then 7!! continued the performance, i didn’t know any of the songs, but totally excited.

BLESS4 came and sang the Aquarion legendary song, the audience sang together.

the last one was LISA. and when my voice had reached its peak, she was the most brutal of all. 1,5 hours of full chanting and member call.. damn, its like continue to chant korogaru ishi ni nare for the hole 1,5 hours lololol….



Day 2 i came in the afternoon, only a little strength available, i have to save it for the concert. so i just do a little walk and took some cosplayer photos





Ah yes, i got Angela autographed poster,

They are very nice, we can do handshake and talk to them when they sign the poster

me: konnichiwa

Atsuko: ah, konnichiwa

me: kyou no concert wo sugoku tanoshimi ni shiteimasu!

Atsuko: moriagatte kureru yone!

me: mochiron! indonesia ni kita no wa hajimete desuyone?

Atsuko: iie, jakarta no wa hajimete dakedo, Bali ni itta no wa mou 5 kai desu.

me: sugooi!!!

onisama: hai, arigatou gozaimasu

me: kyou wa hajimete dakedo, sugoku moriagaru to omoimasu

onisama: arigatou gozaimasu!!

this day also, i completed the Edelyn challenge quite easily :))


2 of the most epic photo of the day:


The concert day 2:

first one is SEA*A. in the middle row i was the only one who was standing in the middle, some of my friends also standing in the corner..  the rest of the audience were just so disrespectful. the good point is, the SEA*A members could see me directly, as i was in the middle with sparkling white penlight, holding Estelle sign while screaming “ESTEEEELEEEEE” so fucking loud.

ah yes, estelle did an acrobatic move there and she was using only mini skirt. yeah, imagine that. :))

I went full AKB48 mode in every seaa song, did the mix, taiga faiya and such, full kecha~ and everything in the middle front, right in front of the members… :)) i felt awesome.

then comes ANGELA. which was fun!! the oniisama is super lol. and they sang “Zankoku na tenshi no teeze” as encore!

Stereopony’s bassist, Nohana, came, long black hair, very pretty. i thought i was seeing Mio akiyama from K-on in real life!!!!!!!!!!! omgomgomgomgomg!

the last one is kotoko. this time, my HP was critical, my voice was barely came out. when suddenly..

(don’t get jealous, maybe i was self conceited ) in the middle of the song, i made eye contact with kotoko, no one was in front of me and she looked directly to me, then when she sang (i don’t know what song it was) “watashi wa utahime” i do kecha~ and she gave me thumbs up. shit dude… after that i went berserk mode, extra power came up and i shouted till the end. AWESOMENESS!!


the concert was fun, BUT:

1. security was not strict, audience from back row went to the front row and stayed there made a mess! the AMH member from kaskus told the security about it and they cleared the mass, but then they went to the front again! forChristSakeGodDamnit, you can still see the stage clearly from behind!! it is a small hall!!!!!! well, some people tried to fit a place in front of me and ended up getting hit with my hand. people, you are lack of manner!

2. Respect the performer! i was really upset when everybody was sitting in SEA*A ‘s turn. shit dude, please respect whoever sings on the stage. I’m an AKB48 fan, and i don’t know most of the song performed in AFA, but i still shout and swing my lightstick, screaming and do kecha. the girl who was sitting next to me asked me if i know all of them, and when i told her i didn’t, she was shocked because i seemed so excited as if i’m a big fan of them.

It is how i respect the performers.

maybe i insulted some people who got hit by me last night~ that was your fault :)) die in hell :))

i know you are really excited to see your idols and want to see closer. but your seats were at the back. and that was because you bought the ticket last minute :))

3. Don’t take photo!!!! sooo many people were trying to take photo during the concert. why don’t you guys once try to follow the rules? i don’t know what to say anymore. idiots won’t understand.

Many thanks to AMH members from Kaskus community  who were trying their best to control the situation~ :))

that’s all folks~

Anime Festival Asia – 2days before…


Here we go again!! it’s almost H-2 for Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia!!!!!

It’s the second time AFA holding its exhibition outside Singapore after few months ago in Malaysia.

now in Indonesia we have a not-less awesome guests list!!

7!, bless4, kotoko, angela, lisa, stereopony, and of course… ANIKI and SEA*A




this means a 2x 4-hours concert this weekend! 

that’s roughly like watching 4 AKB48 concerts in 2 days lol. 

talking about AFA, it’s an event where you can buy yourself a table, and sell your own doujin / artbooks like in comicket!

now, some of my otaku friends will sell their self-made artbook called 2012 SQUASH ALTERNATIVE

which contains some of their best illustrations. 

they showed me the first copy of the book today in my office:




some of them are well known in the internet for their illustrations, and for me myself, this book contains quite good illustrations, some of them are really high quality.

this book will be sold at AFA this Saturday and Sunday at a very reasonable price! (i don’t know how much) so don’t forget to grab yours!!

for first timers in afa, bring camera, be shameless, talk to pretty cosplayers for 2 shots!

my advice really.. lol

Let’s enjoy this weekend!!!!!!!!

Kansai dialect – 関西弁

Kansai dialect or kansai-ben is the dialect that often heard if you are travelling to Kansai region, like Osaka. Kansai dialect sounds different from normal Japanese as the form and the grammar is different.

the first time i encountered kansai dialect was from detective conan when Heiji Hattori made his first appearance in the Manga. i didn’t know anything about japanese language at that time :))


(i read the translated version, but that time i remember conan made a joke about kansai dialect or something like that)

now, ever since i knew about NMB48, I encounter lots of Kansai dialect in their conversation. I sort of understand what they say and starting to feel that Kansai dialect is very interesting and cool! especially when cute girls use it in their everyday conversation, it’s like  100+ points of extra cuteness come from the dialect. lol 


and when today one of my friend who lives in Osaka talked to me about her interest in kansai dialect, i realized that i have never know exactly about this dialect, so i did a research on the Internet and made a little note of this kansai-ben vocabularies lol:

Nande ya nen!?


nan ya kore?! 

nani kore?!



ee yan! 






Honma ni

hontou ni





Chau de!








those only from what i remembered. you can see that they chance “da” to “ya” in kansai..


Difficult? let’s watch some scenes where cute osaka girls are forbidden from using kansai ben.

please let me know if made mistakes~ me also still learning Japanese >_<


Takimoto Miori

Maybe some of you already know this, but i didn’t realize it at all….

so, few years back, there was an idol group called SweetS, they were quite popular have their song featured in Anime, i also like their song and watched their PV, my favorite girl was Takimoto miori

my favorite song from SweetS

when i watch this new GTO 2012, i didn’t realize it until the 5th episode that….

FUYUTSUKI is actually Miori

i was like EEEE??? she’s a lot cuter now rite? lol

hahaha, holy cow, anyway, i just wrote looooooong comment in her blog, saying that i did’t realize she was miori and ect. lol

so if anyone wanna write also, here’s her blog: