Review: Morakniv Companion Heavy duty MG

Ever since I watched rurouni kenshin on TV more than 10 years ago, I’ve been wanted to own my own blade, a beautiful blade that i can depend on. But I was still in junior high school at that time so I wasn’t able to own a blade.

My last post before this was about my first blade, a folding knife, and this time, I will review Morakniv Companion Heavy duty MG, my second knife, a fixed blade from Morakniv, Sweden.

I got the knife from amazon for 16 USD, the best knife for its price. The shipping cost to Indonesia was what make it expensive 🙂

Comparison with gerber’s Bear grill scout
blade comparison
blade comparison

It’s a sturdy 3,2 mm thick carbon steel blade with 104 mm blade length, its total length is 225 mm and weights around 135 gr


it is a partial tang blade, means the tang is around 3/4 the length of its handle. see that 3,2 mm blade thickness? love it!

and it features scandi grind


blade thickness
blade thickness
scandinavian grind

means it is easy to resharpen and provides good control in woodcarving.

the handle
the handle

The handle is very rubbery and provides nice grip even for small asian hands.


It is made in Sweden! the sheath is in military green color, strong plastic with belt clip.

nice to handle
nice to handle
the blade

It comes sharp out of the box, tried to cut a piece of paper and it cuts nicely without even bending the paper.

Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this knife. You can use this to cut groceries, meat, wood carving, self defense, assassination, and many more.

i love how mora made the blade mirror polished, just love that bling bling. lol.

and remember, knife is a tool, it can be used as a weapon too, use it wisely.



7 thoughts on “Review: Morakniv Companion Heavy duty MG”

  1. Bro beli di situs luar? emang ndak ketahan di bea cukai bro? hehe sharing2 dunk caranya, pingin beli di fast tech tapi takut ndak nyampe paketnya 🙂

  2. wahh forwarder mana tuh bro? tolong bisikin dong, kalo sekiranya kurang enak disini via email aja, coz udah nyoba2 tanya sana sini di jasa2 forwarder di fjb kaskus juga nggak ada yg mau masukin knives,, 😀

  3. okey makasih rekomendasinya bro. untuk minyak yg food grade, saya biasa pake minyak goreng aja,, murah meriah n fungsinya sama untuk mencegah karat hehe

  4. hehe betul bro, makanya untuk food prep saya prefer pisau yg bahannya stainless steel jadi nggak perlu diminyaki 😀
    cuma kalo harus pake pisau yg bahannya carbon steel, ya gitu deh,, kecuali dicuci dulu, atau pake minyak jahit singer cuma dia nggak food grade. sipp sama2 bro

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