J music lab : Denpagumi

today, i went to j music lab at fx jakarta to attend denpagumi performance. thanks to japanesestation.com, i was able to attend the press conference.

i didn’t know anything about denpagumi before, i only have listened to one o their song,


i didn’t ask anything during the interview, but after the interview, i was asked by japanese station to help then get denpagumi autographs on their signboard and say a sentence for special video. and we got it despites the angry security guys ☺


one funny happening though, i was wearing a t shirt with cute drawings on it, one of the denpagumi member saw it and said that it was kawaii. *i forgot which one*. then i said to them did they know what the drawing was, and she looked at my t shirt again then realized that it was a picture of sperm and startled lol. she then told the other girl next to her.

we got ourselves except Edelyn kicked out of the room my securities, for some reason, the securities let Edelyn stayed in the room with denpagumi. lol.

at that night we watch the concert, and i was lucky to get a free pass


one of my friend who went all outduring the show


lol, sorry for the bad quality photos, they are all from my mobile phone.

denpagumi said during the show that they want to have a solo live in Jakarta in the future.

*will upload press con video later *

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