Ennichisai – Indonesia Cosplay Gran Prix


It’s this time again in the year, Ennichisai, one of the biggest Japanese event in Jakarta, supported by Japan foundation, and the event where Indonesia Cosplay Gran Prix or ICGP was held to pick a winner who will represents Indonesia to the World Cosplay Summit or WCS on the 3rd of August this year.

It was a rainy afternoon on Sunday, but a mere rain doesn’t affect these cosplayers spirit. they were awesome, and some of them really showed a good performance.

The MC’s of the show were Mr.Dhika and Ms.Franzeska Edelyn from Switch.


I was standing on the right hand side of the stage so i could only take photos from this angle using my phone since i didn’t bring my DSLR, sorry *tehepero*

the jury team including pinky luxun, the winner of the last ICGP and also the 3rd place on the last WCS, the guy from lawson, the guy from Japan foundation and the guy from WCS, and a kamen rider


my personal favorite was this guy:


they won consolidation prize though.

the winner of the event was a team called daikon or something who cosplay as kingdom hearts.

the closing ceremony:



Let’s wish them good luck for their battle in World cosplay summit 2013 next August in Nagoya, Japan.



I really wis

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