Yesterday on February 2nd, some of fans held an event called Bingo, which is a small indie live event where some groups performed live, singing 48 group songs.

as you can see on the left there are 6 performers, Kultivasi, Saka, Sarah Anjani, Saturday night karaoke, Clover, and Franzeska Edelyn.

I only saw some of their performance, but it was a fun event, some of the performers was singing akb songs in different style and they were good~lol. there are some mistakes and human errors here and there, and it was friggin’ hot inside the room, but i think the event was a success.

i was there with Edelyn and Nia, which is one of the performers, they got interviewed by Majisuka right after the show:


and the majisuka guy said something like “after we upload our last interview with you, our page view increased quite a lot, so thank you” lol.

and because i happened to bring a camera:


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