JKT48 Guide Book signing event

I just woke up from a really extraordinary day i’ve been through yesterday lol.

first of all it’s the signing event of JKT48 guide book! I arrived at Fx at 9.30 in the morning, and rushed to the event venue at 3rd floor of fx to take my signing tickets, i had 3 tickets, one for rena, 1 for Diasta which is my friend’s request, and another one for Sonia, which is for another friend of mine.

Unfortunately the Sonia ticket was missing and the official signed my coupon so that i can still get sonia’s sign.

first, RENA’s lane!!!!!


the members appeared, it was the moment before the staff told us not to take any photo.

the queue went fast and it was my turn, finally, we got around 20-30 seconds each people..which is a lot of time,

lol, after the event i didn’t know what to do and should stay to wait for my friend in the afternoon so i did something i rarely did before…

went to starbucks….

ordered a medium cappuccino

and spent some quality time at starbucks like a boss..


lol, surprisingly, i found it was quite enjoyable just sitting there waiting for friends while reading a book. lol.

then around 3 PM my friend, Momo came, then me, her and henry walked round Fx waiting for Kyorin who arrived at 4 PM.

at around 5 we went to the venue once again, me in Diasta Lane and Momo in Sonia’s Lane

I said to Diasta that the book was for my friend who was unable to come to the venue and Diasta immediately recognized who my friend is (wow!) and she said “Salam yah buat A***” twice. lol damn lucky guy.

then we went for dinner where my 2 female friends here added 2 extra signatures on my book with some motivational words..


Thank you very much m(__ __)m

then all the madness began, some other friends came then we went to karaoke~



ahahahahahah! lol, she actually went down to the first floor like that.

lol, at the karaoke, i realized that my voice is only suited for chanting and mixing..

LOL.. the others are very very good singer.

went karaoke until 00.30 in the morning, went for supper and we said goodbye to each other and went home at 2 AM.

Otsukaresama deshita, a very interesting day for me.

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