Jak-Japan Matsuri – The Opening

Today is the opening day of Jak-Japan Matsuri, an annual event by Japan Foundation in Indonesia to tighten the two nation’s relationship by exchanging and showcase culture from each country.

so after I arrived at the event site, i asked the security guy and he told me that the event is on the 4th floor. so i got on the elevator right away only to see packs of JKT48 zombies in front of the elevator on the fourth floor.

yes, the event is very crowded, full of JKT48 fans.


So me and some of my friends went to the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony performance to try the original Japanese green tea… or maybe we want to try only because some pretty neechan were serving the tea to the audiences.


yes, that short haired neechan

so while they explain about how to drink the tea, they served dorayaki to the audience


now I know how it feels to be Doraemon :))


so that pretty neechan served me and my friends, the tea actually was pretty good, it didn’t taste too bitter, it didn’t feel “heavy” when you drink it. it feels light and refreshing.

moreover because it was made by:


after that, we went inside to see the Sushi battle, which is a sushi making competition, and the fish was provided by the jury who was cutting a super ultra large TUNA… that was the first time i see people cutting up a fish that big.



look at those meat chunks…


so the show continued and another beautiful neechan performed “hana wo saku” with her shamisen. And in this song CM video where many people sings parts of the song, AKB48 member, Nakayan (and another member who i missed to recognize) appears as one of the volunteer who sang the song.


after that was the performance of JKT48. let me tell you, all the heads you see in the photo above were all JKT48 fans. well, mixed with some innocent Japanese who was obviously shocked to see what happened in front of their eyes, which i described as “some barbaric forever alone war cry” lol, kidding, it was the mix and chant that was so loud, so noisy and so out-of the place.

it was very disturbing that some of the Japanese standing next to me said that all of the fans were very “kimochi warui” or gross. lol, yes, and it was escalated quickly after they saw some people at the back do wotagei, in the middle of a ballroom of a famous hotel in Jakarta… shit dude


so it was so chaotic and embarrassing until the Japanese next to me said something like

“kore wa kimoi na” “nandayo kono otaku ppoi na ugoki wa”

well, me and my cosplayer friend next to me in front of the TV monitor just acted as non-wota as possible :))

after the performance ended, i headed out and found that the sashimi was discounted at half price.


not bad~ :))

well, let’s see how the closing event at Monas next week will be,

bonus shot: some JK are checking in to the hotel.


26 thoughts on “Jak-Japan Matsuri – The Opening”

  1. like Deardg Hotgame said , we apologize for that situation especially for the invitation from japan , but not all fans jkt48 are like that , thanks

  2. I dont like what your wrote …. THIS IS INDONESIA NOT JAPAN…. OUR COUNTRY have different RULES… if dont like it , why dont you go away…??

    1. you are right, this is Indonesia, we have different rules, but i just wrote based on what i’ve heard from people around me that time.
      besides, it’s just a matter of manner isn’t it? it is clear that many japanese people feel uncomfortable that time because of what we were doing, or that was what i felt by hearing what they said about us. and even in japan, “otaku or wota” is not something proudly shown to other people.

      1. noooo bro Picculture, it’s not you..my comment was for that guy named FREEDOM OR DIE ^^
        and for you Picculture, you did great for post this journal out ^^

    2. lol i knew some of the Zombies would put a comment like this..
      actually it’s not about the difference of rules in Indonesia or Japan, but it’s all about manner, dude..

      and well, i dont like what you wrote also..you just put some flame war or such comment, why dont you just apologize, and this will be over ^^

      1. well, I’m sorry if the words i wrote hurt some people. but thanks to all of the comments submitted here and the groups I’m in, i can see how other people see this matter from different point of view.

        so sorry if i offended some people, but it is nice to see all of your opinions here and in the facebook groups :))

    3. LOL BRO….
      why should he go, he is an indonesian.
      and even if he is a japanese, seriously, you licked Japanese butts by worshipping their cultures, and yet you tell them to stay away.

      You need some medicine.

    4. It seems the users that has a name : FREEDOM OR DIE, already ashamed himself.
      And I believed he just another ‘alay’ or ‘fanatic fans’ that didn’t know any manners or rules in the building?

      or you just can’t stand away, that your attitude like a gross?

      Well okay!!
      THIS IS INDONESIA, let me clear this for you.

      I’m Indonesian people too, and really ashamed of the attitude of some ‘freakin’ zombie fans’ that did like a stupid jerk…
      sorry for the words.

      But it’s true…
      You don’t feel it, did you???
      This is not a theater, beside, there’s a lot of Japanese people here wants to see, feel and watch the show with enjoyable.

      And you guys (I think you include in here), just acting like some crazy maniac fans, that didn’t admire anyone in the room.

      And yeah… I feel so ashamed of that!!!
      I’m the fans of JKT48 too. but I can control myself and look for the situation, just support your idols, or whoever you are, with a good manners.

      I think some Japanese people also, very ashamed of the fans.
      They really surprised with the condition…and you guys, all the fans, makes INDONESIA like ‘nothing’ in front of Japanese people.

      Yeah.. I agree with them, if they said ‘kimochi-warui’ or ,… in Indonesian said, SANGAT SANGAT MENJIJIKKAN!

      For you, FREEDOM OR DIE, you are very disgusting… This is Indonesia, and yes!!
      there are a lot of people from another country, culture, and nation, who lived in here.

      Respect them, and you will be respected!

      kindy regards!

  3. By the way.. I really like the picture, but, I don’t like the picture from JKT.

    It looks very gross to me.. look what they did in front of the camera??

    do some wotagei in the ballroom??? L.O.L!

    sorry for some Japanese’s people who watched the show..
    It’s just some ‘alay-ers’ who didn’t know the rules. I think, some security will be needed, if JKT48 will perform in some exclusive show like this.

    Oh yeah.. I’m JKT48’s fans too.
    but, I want to respect everyone in the area. and I wanna enjoy the show. not doin’ some ‘stupid’ wotagei…

    kindly regards.

  4. Sorry if the chants is disturbing you. It’s our tradition in 48 Family to sing a chants very loud. So we just do our tradition. So I’m sorry if wota is disturbing you 😀

  5. Lot of people think this article is offended JKT48. I’m wota, but I think this article is good. Why? Because wota can be intropection in another time to appreciate another culture. #respect

    1. thank you very much~:)) actually me myself was not really disturbed by the chant, because i also do the chant too in the concerts :)) but like what you wrote above, i want everyone to know what other people think about this wotagei tradition, since most of japanese people there weren’t fans, they are normal business people. :))

      1. Well… I think there’s a lot fans from JKT that didn’t realized what the meaning point from JAKARTA JAPAN MATSURI?

        sorry to say… this was some important event, every year that held in Jakarta, with sponsorship from JAPANESE FOUNDATION.

        So.. I think this is the important event, to make a good relationship between Indonesia and Japan.

        Japan was a great country, and Indonesia also a good partner indeed.
        My sensei (manga’s teacher) also my friends from Japan, also came (like BONENKAI festive in Jakarta Blok M). lucky for them, not watching JKT 48’s show in the area.

        So you guys, all the ‘zombie’ fans, must be realized, that, this is not a theater — and you could team up together and doin’ some ‘wotagei’ stuff in the room. 🙂
        this is one of (very) important events that held Jakarta’s government (I came, in the opening ceremony).

        Don’t you feel ashamed for yourself, zombie fans? 🙂

        grow up will you?
        be a good fans, not a ‘zombie’ fans.

        — sorry for my english.

        arigatou… 🙂

  6. As expected of #wotagratisan :3 When you put no barrier in form of monetary requirements, all hell breaks loose…

    As an example: The Shonichi of the permanent theater consisted of OFC members only. There aren’t alot of “wild and loud chant” as in “you forgot this is an enclosed space, ya nitwit!”. It’s Day 1 Show 1. Come Day 1 Show 2 (the night performance)…. Well, all hell broke loose…

    Live Parkiran ? Don’t even ask… I no longer have any enthusiasm to go there by myself, only with my friends… And even being there, I only watch from certain distance. Cuz the closest proximity to the stage is always occupied by #wotagratisan.

    So if you want to enjoy a more “civilized” crowd.. Go to an OFC only performance :p

    1. I agree to some of your statements, Enrico. Not all of them though.

      D1S1 was certainly a rather quiet theater, but D1S2 was also not that loud. Comparing by the amount of the audience from both shows, the second show of the permanent theater (back in September 8th) was not of a loud one, in my opinion. Yes, if my memory serves me right, there was a couple of occasions people shouting (and even an idiot did the otagei at the left-hand corner of the theater), but they weren’t loud. Of course the first show would be a tad bit more quiet, because well, it’s a limited show.

      I disagree that you stated OFC-members were the only ones who are civilized, because as a matter of fact, some of the non OFC-members are civilized.

  7. haha.. enrico// #wotagratisan LOL , but i like this quote “otaku or wota is not something proudly shown to other people”. I’m sorry for the “wota incident”, that was very embarrassing me as a fan of JKT48. 🙂

  8. That is gross. Really.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but not to an extent that I don’t care about my surroundings at all, those people are just stupid. They thought they were doing their best supporting the members (which they were, yes), but they also disregarded the fact that they were not… supposed to shout the mix to their loudest point, or that they were not supposed to do the otagei.

    I’m glad you post this picculture, because this way those people in the pictures will soon enough notice that they did wrong. Oh well I even think you should’ve taken their pictures up close, so we can all see their faces.

  9. Agreed! JKT fans should more “environmental-friendly” (lol) as the audience is not JKT fans only. I’m a fan too, but i’m not a zombie~

  10. this is the truth
    i mean those alay zombies are annoying, even doing a wotagei in a ballroom.
    me as a fans of 48 family also think that’s inappropriate!

    and i would like to say massive sorry for indonesian JKT48 fans which may annoy you the most 😦 and,we’re actually never do that, and never will (because the picture shows a fans we always call “zombie alay”)

    once again, sorry for the uncomfortable atmosphere in Jak-Japan matsuri

  11. omg i cant believe that some people still doubting that some (maybe lots) of JKT48 fans in Indonesia were shameless and anarchy (of course). Seriously.. i am 48 fans but, i just cannot imagine what’s happening now..

    btw that short-haired neechan’s so cute hahaha

  12. Well, honestly i don’t think that die-hard fans would chanting in the middle of five-stars hotel (is it five stars? Silly me). Well, some people just don’t know where they can do chant and where they can not.
    As fellow Indonesian and 48 Family i would say “gomen nee, for the forever alone battle cry that our (Indonesia) wotagei cause.”
    It may be disturbing, but when I think we just recently have an idol group, well … maybe some people just don’t fully understand how to behave like a fans.

    *P.S I’m sorry if my English were so bad. I’m still learning it”

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