Anime Festival Asia Indonesia – My experience

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia!!!!! This time i will write my experience during the AFAid this weekend.

Held in JIExpo, Jakarta, i came at 8 AM in the morning to redeem my concert ticket and was shocked by the quite long queue… it ultimately took me 2 hours to get my ticket.

so i came in to the exhibition at 10 AM, the venue is much smaller than the AFA Singapore, probably less than half the size of Suntec hall.



So after entering the exhibition hall, I went to every corner of the exhibition hall, it just took me 15 minutes to check all the shops, so i decided to take some photos, while there was still only few cosplayer arrived at this hour.


found this guy in the corner, He just sat there on His motorcycle the whole day. very nice cosplay of kamen rider black.

after that i went to Danny Choo’s cornerImagelot’s of Mirai pictures right there.



As there is still a few cosplayer attended the event, i decided to spend my time in the Moe Moe Kyun cafe as well as taking my lunch, a very expensive lunch :))



So after a looooong queue, I finally enter the café, greeted by Kiyo,

(ah, actually i got too excited and entered the cafe too early, and Kiyo asked me to wait for a moment)

Kiyo: ah, shosho omachi kudasai~

Me: a, sumimasen

(then i made the same mistake once again >_<)

Kiyo: sumimasen, chotto omachi kudasai goshujin sama~

Me: aaaaa… gomen gomennn

Kiyo: gomen nasai ne~

Me: iiee, daijoubu desu

(since she use Japanese i naturally answer with Japanese too)

then it’s my turn

Kiyo: Irasshaimase goshujin sama, gochumon wa nandesuka?

Me: kare rice hitotsu de onegai shimasu~ Kiyo san, nihongo totemo jyouzu desune!

Kiyo: ah hontou? arigatou

Me: watashi mo sukoshi dake shabererun de~ :))

Kiyo: Aah~ sou ka~, ah, goshujin sama, now the other maid wil show you your table, please ← suddenly in English lol….

so i went to my table with Tora, not so long after that, She brought me my lunch and said

Tora: This is not you first time right?

Me: no, this is my 3rd time actually (pointing to my Tomomi badge)

Tora: so, now i will power up your food, please do it together with me


Me: waaaa oishisou~~ (lol)

so after eating a small portion of curry rice very slowly while looking at the other maid and choosing who will i take my 2 shot with, (tora was small, ringo was the prettiest among all, Mio was the sexiest, momo was cute~) i decided to take my photo with Kiyo! :))

while waiting for Kiyo, i talked with Jim and he remembered me~ i told him about how we couldn’t enter the stage area with camera eventhough we put them in our bag,  it was okay back then in AFA singapore and Jim told me that He didn’t know  about that rule…

(some of the first timers didn’t know Jim was Singaporean and try to talk to him in Indonesian lol…)

then… Kiyo camee!!!!!!

she looked Happy when she saw me chose her to take my 2 shot with~ :))


she is cuteeee~~~ (>////<) after taking photo, she talked to me and told me to come again~ then Jim thanked me for coming, then i headed out.

When i came out, it was noon already, and a lot of cosplayer have come


Ah, and the day before Edelyn challenged me to try to find her in the AFAid lol…

found her~ :))


The concert

I got B30 seat, that means in the middle 2nd row, the best place i can imagine.

The concert opened with ANIKI performance, i went full all out since the beginning, then 7!! continued the performance, i didn’t know any of the songs, but totally excited.

BLESS4 came and sang the Aquarion legendary song, the audience sang together.

the last one was LISA. and when my voice had reached its peak, she was the most brutal of all. 1,5 hours of full chanting and member call.. damn, its like continue to chant korogaru ishi ni nare for the hole 1,5 hours lololol….



Day 2 i came in the afternoon, only a little strength available, i have to save it for the concert. so i just do a little walk and took some cosplayer photos





Ah yes, i got Angela autographed poster,

They are very nice, we can do handshake and talk to them when they sign the poster

me: konnichiwa

Atsuko: ah, konnichiwa

me: kyou no concert wo sugoku tanoshimi ni shiteimasu!

Atsuko: moriagatte kureru yone!

me: mochiron! indonesia ni kita no wa hajimete desuyone?

Atsuko: iie, jakarta no wa hajimete dakedo, Bali ni itta no wa mou 5 kai desu.

me: sugooi!!!

onisama: hai, arigatou gozaimasu

me: kyou wa hajimete dakedo, sugoku moriagaru to omoimasu

onisama: arigatou gozaimasu!!

this day also, i completed the Edelyn challenge quite easily :))


2 of the most epic photo of the day:


The concert day 2:

first one is SEA*A. in the middle row i was the only one who was standing in the middle, some of my friends also standing in the corner..  the rest of the audience were just so disrespectful. the good point is, the SEA*A members could see me directly, as i was in the middle with sparkling white penlight, holding Estelle sign while screaming “ESTEEEELEEEEE” so fucking loud.

ah yes, estelle did an acrobatic move there and she was using only mini skirt. yeah, imagine that. :))

I went full AKB48 mode in every seaa song, did the mix, taiga faiya and such, full kecha~ and everything in the middle front, right in front of the members… :)) i felt awesome.

then comes ANGELA. which was fun!! the oniisama is super lol. and they sang “Zankoku na tenshi no teeze” as encore!

Stereopony’s bassist, Nohana, came, long black hair, very pretty. i thought i was seeing Mio akiyama from K-on in real life!!!!!!!!!!! omgomgomgomgomg!

the last one is kotoko. this time, my HP was critical, my voice was barely came out. when suddenly..

(don’t get jealous, maybe i was self conceited ) in the middle of the song, i made eye contact with kotoko, no one was in front of me and she looked directly to me, then when she sang (i don’t know what song it was) “watashi wa utahime” i do kecha~ and she gave me thumbs up. shit dude… after that i went berserk mode, extra power came up and i shouted till the end. AWESOMENESS!!


the concert was fun, BUT:

1. security was not strict, audience from back row went to the front row and stayed there made a mess! the AMH member from kaskus told the security about it and they cleared the mass, but then they went to the front again! forChristSakeGodDamnit, you can still see the stage clearly from behind!! it is a small hall!!!!!! well, some people tried to fit a place in front of me and ended up getting hit with my hand. people, you are lack of manner!

2. Respect the performer! i was really upset when everybody was sitting in SEA*A ‘s turn. shit dude, please respect whoever sings on the stage. I’m an AKB48 fan, and i don’t know most of the song performed in AFA, but i still shout and swing my lightstick, screaming and do kecha. the girl who was sitting next to me asked me if i know all of them, and when i told her i didn’t, she was shocked because i seemed so excited as if i’m a big fan of them.

It is how i respect the performers.

maybe i insulted some people who got hit by me last night~ that was your fault :)) die in hell :))

i know you are really excited to see your idols and want to see closer. but your seats were at the back. and that was because you bought the ticket last minute :))

3. Don’t take photo!!!! sooo many people were trying to take photo during the concert. why don’t you guys once try to follow the rules? i don’t know what to say anymore. idiots won’t understand.

Many thanks to AMH members from Kaskus community  who were trying their best to control the situation~ :))

that’s all folks~

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  1. wah lu pas lagi sepi bisa enak motonya ndra…
    udah late afternoon kayak pasar malem mo nyari objek foto2 ga nyaman

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