Anime Festival Asia – 2days before…


Here we go again!! it’s almost H-2 for Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia!!!!!

It’s the second time AFA holding its exhibition outside Singapore after few months ago in Malaysia.

now in Indonesia we have a not-less awesome guests list!!

7!, bless4, kotoko, angela, lisa, stereopony, and of course… ANIKI and SEA*A




this means a 2x 4-hours concert this weekend! 

that’s roughly like watching 4 AKB48 concerts in 2 days lol. 

talking about AFA, it’s an event where you can buy yourself a table, and sell your own doujin / artbooks like in comicket!

now, some of my otaku friends will sell their self-made artbook called 2012 SQUASH ALTERNATIVE

which contains some of their best illustrations. 

they showed me the first copy of the book today in my office:




some of them are well known in the internet for their illustrations, and for me myself, this book contains quite good illustrations, some of them are really high quality.

this book will be sold at AFA this Saturday and Sunday at a very reasonable price! (i don’t know how much) so don’t forget to grab yours!!

for first timers in afa, bring camera, be shameless, talk to pretty cosplayers for 2 shots!

my advice really.. lol

Let’s enjoy this weekend!!!!!!!!

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