Borderlands 2

Borderland is a 1st person shooting RPG game for PC, PS3 and XBOX360, it features an interesting plot, 4 different character classes, and a quite decent item generator (you won’t see a same item twice)

The story of Borderland is set in a planet known as Pandora. a ruthless planet where Skags (a starship trooper insect headed wolves) and bald bandits will chase out your ass down to rip your damned soul out of your body.

our 4 Heroes, the Berserker Brick, the lilith, mordecai and the handsome almighty Roland the soldier were saving the planet from the evil General knoxx, zombie dr.ned, crazy bitch moxxi and the evil claptrap back then.

And now, It’s 5 years after our 4 team heroes destroyed the evil claptrap in Pandora. now, a new villains appears and 4 new Heroes have came to Pandora to settle this out!

Salvador the Gunzerker

Just like Brick, this guy is like the embodiment of anger lol. His special ability is to Dualwield any weapon. try to imagine this, you got a 11×300 dmg shotgun and you dual wield that with another shotgun with the same damage.. its like 22×300 damage lol…. erm… means 6600 damage per shot… sure 1 hit kill

Maya the Siren

Lilith replacement, while lilith can do phasewalk, this Maya can do Phaselock, that means put some bad guys in the air and shoot them around.

Zero the Assassin

Yes, that is a big red holographic number on his head. erm, this guy is mordecai replacement, same slim guy with different power, He can hide and sneak behind the enemy to give them some chop chop slices.

Axton the Commando

Axton the commando~ Roland’s replacement, not less handsome than roland~ with more advanced turret!!!

Borderland 2 will feature the same LAN and online mode with STEAM like Borderland 1

I also played the original borderland using Roland the handsome soldier.

done all the mission in playthrough 1 and 2 with all the DLC and beat crawmerax several times (though i still can’t beat the bitch without hiding :()

here are some of the weapon i normally use:

as you can see, my build is all about accuracy, attack speed, and self healing, eventhough i still can’t beat crawmerax head to head without hiding 😦

anyway, borderland 2 seems pretty fun to be played with friends, if you are interested, you can preorder here:

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