Takimoto Miori

Maybe some of you already know this, but i didn’t realize it at all….

so, few years back, there was an idol group called SweetS, they were quite popular have their song featured in Anime, i also like their song and watched their PV, my favorite girl was Takimoto miori

my favorite song from SweetS

when i watch this new GTO 2012, i didn’t realize it until the 5th episode that….

FUYUTSUKI is actually Miori

i was like EEEE??? she’s a lot cuter now rite? lol

hahaha, holy cow, anyway, i just wrote looooooong comment in her blog, saying that i did’t realize she was miori and ect. lol

so if anyone wanna write also, here’s her blog: http://ameblo.jp/takimotomiori

4 thoughts on “Takimoto Miori”

  1. Hello Indra,
    Sorry to trouble you.
    My name is John.
    I just visit your web here, and knew you like Takimoto miori very much. I like her very much as well.
    Do you know she has an official twitter account?
    I have found one may look like her real account below.

    Indra, what do you think from your opinion? Is it really her?

    Thank you very much to spend the time for answering.
    John Ma

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for your email, and thank you for reading my blog^^
      I’ve seen the link you sent to me, i don’t think that is her official twitter, because it is written in the status, “本人様一切関係なし not real* nrさんbotさん” which is “not the real person”

      i don’t think she has a twitter account yet.

      Thank you^^, please stay tuned for more event review
      Indra Pratomonugroho

  2. Indra!! Thank you for clear the puzzle for me.

    At first, I thought this is Takimoto real twitter account and follow her on tweet.

    I asked Takimoto the same question that I asked you.

    In a few minutes, she has blocked me away on twitter.

    At first I got hard feeling about this.

    But now, thanks. You’re relieving my bad feeling about this.

    John Ma

    1. yea, no worries John, i think she only has her blog for now, why don’t try to write some comments in her blog?
      Do you know takimoto from her days with sweets?

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