Meet & Greet with Takahashi Minami

Meet and Greet with the Captain of AKB48, Team A Captain Takahashi Minami in Jakarta was held at Plaza Senayan today.

I was one of the 200 lucky participants who get the chance to shake the hand of the Captain of AKB48.

as some non-AKBfans might read this too, i will let you know that AKB48 is currently the greatest Girl group in Japan. And its Team A Captain, Takahashi Minami san, came to our country and actually shook our hands. How lucky we are!

The view from where i was standing

The event venue was crowded with people…which is nice!

full of people watching

after a while, at around 4PM, the Captain arrives, greeted by the crowds screaming “MINAMI!”

me myself was amazed that i can actually see Takamina this close, a thing that maybe i have to wait for a long time if there wasn’t for this event.

and this person, Takahashi Minami-sama is WAY WAY more beautiful, more awesome, more cool than when we saw her on TV.

now i know why she is the Captain of AKB48. Her aura, her presence is different, she is gorgeous, but still so humble and down to earth.

Takamina is one of the AKB member i most admire, mostly because that she can be what she is now at this young age, really an awesome girl.

after a few questions and quizzes which prizes were takamina signed Flying get album (damn, i want that!), we arrived at the main event:


we queued up to get our turn, we only get less than 5 seconds on each handshake.

with lots of DOKIDOKI i gave my fanletter to the staff and shake Takahashi Minami’s hand

me: hajimemashite~^^

takamina: aaa! hajimemashite~

me: mata kite kudasai ne^^ (the bodyguard already pushed me away)

takamina : hai! mata kimasu^^

and then, my precious 5 seconds is finished, it left a BIG smile on my face which last until now.

i hope that in the future, more AKB48 members will come to Indonesia.

Takahashi Minami
Takahashi Minami
Takahashi Minami
Takahashi Minami

and the fan letter i gave her:

sorry for the bad Japanese XD

「努力は必ず報われると、私はこの人生をもって証明します!!」 - 高橋みなみ

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