Japan Matsuri 2011

the banner

It was a blazing hot day and in such a day i went to Monas for Japan Matsuri which held annually by the Japan Embassy in Jakarta.

今日は天気がすごく暑かったが、私はジャカルタで「JAPAN MATSURI」という日本大使館が開催されたイベントに行ってきました。

arrived at 11 in the morning, the first performance i saw was the omikoshi by the japanese international school in Jakarta, there were sooooo many cute little japanese students performed on the mini shrine.


my favourite girl

I’ve uploaded some of my photos. Don’t ask me why there are so many little girls photos here. *facepalm*


There was a Japanese oneechan there selling AKB48 photos for 5000 rupiah each. i bought only two of them because these are unofficial photos.


Yokoyama Yui and Kashiwagi Yuki

unfortunately, i didn’t have much conversation with the oneesan because she was busy at that time and looks like she didn’t realize my AKB48 t-shirt. lol


the whole gallery:

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