Once again, an ultra long weekend.

it has been a while since the last time i’ve updated my blog. I’ve been busy lately doing preparation for the upcoming AKB48 stage in Singapore on 26th of June.

At last! My package has arrived! i ordered AKB48 single, Everyday Kachuusha through Play-asia before, but they’re such a slowpoke and i ended up cancelling it and re-order the CD with Amazon.co.jp. They send my CD with DHL which is bloody expensive. But it is kinda okay since it only took 1 day from Japan to Indonesia. The CD should have been delivered to me this afternoon but since my house was empty today, i will take the CD tomorrow at the DHL office.

i will post the pictures tomorrow! can’t wait to vote my lovely Miyazaki Miho for this year senbatsu election. i hope she makes it to the big 20. みゃお!一緒に頑張ろう!

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