One week after the concert

Tomorrow is exactly one week after the first AKB48 concert which i missed. Day after day i’m getting closer to become a freaky AKB48 fan as my brain is full of Myao’s face.

in one of Myao’s video, i saw her drinking a glass of ginger ale… well.. it didn’t take long time to make me want to try this bloody concoction of Ginger and Soda…

and so i bought one....

well, i think it tastes good, actually it’s more refreshing than a cola.

after lots of thoughts, i think i’m going to Singapore to watch the 4th concert of AKB48 on 26th of June…

i hope i can meet Myao, but even if i don’t meet her, i will just come again next time.

i hope everything will be okay.

so here are the random pictures i took at the food festival at MKG today:

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